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Hong Kong from 0 m to 554 m a.s.l.Hong Kong from 0 m to 554 m a.s.l.

An Ingenious Solution to a Hilly Terrain ?

The renowned skyline of Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong is built on some serious hilly terrain and one is not always far from the hillsides if they bother to look up between the skyscrapers for that sliver of green forest and granite above them.


They’re mind-bogglingly crowded it’s suffocating just to look at !

Despite some extensive land reclamation on both sides of Victoria harbour and particularly so on Hong Kong island side land is still scarce and a premium resource so much so that more and more buildings have to be built on the hillsides but that came at a price : all the roads hug close to the hillsides and are dangerously windy as well as being so narrow that at peak time traffic simply clogs up.

So born the Central-Mid-Levels elevator system to facilitate residents on the western side of Hong Kong Island to get to work easily – a meandering system of 20 escalators and 3 moving walkways between the many skyscrapers on the steep hilly streets of Hong Kong Island . The system is not continuous and at places it is connected via a series of footbridges. If one starts from the harbour front it takes about 20 minutes without stopping in between to reach the affluent district of Mid-Levels some 135 meters a.s.l. covering a distance just shy of 1 km.

The course of the Central-Mid-Levels elevator system 

Whether it has served it’s purpose is yet to be seen as the traffic is still pretty jam-packed most of the time but the system has become a tourist attraction for it is reputed to be the longest outdoor escalator system in the world and it really brings people to see the different facets of Hong Kong society cheaply and comfortably as the system courses through the different districts of Hong Kong, from the impoverished to the well-off and finally to the realm of the super-rich.

So hold tight to the handrail as we begin the tour to see a part of Hong Kong Island that I always find fascinating. We’ll begin by taking a ride on the iconic Star Ferry from Kowloon side first 🙂


Downhill direction: Mid-Levels – Central 6am to 10am daily
Uphill direction: Central – Mid-Levels 10am to midnight daily

This has to be my most ambitious project up-to-date with over one hundred 360° panoramas shot over a couple of months with information assembled from several sources to give you not just an immersive tour but also history and current affairs about this colony of Britain that was handed back over to China in 1997. You will enjoy more of the Monkey Hill Tour if you also take your time to try this tour as well !

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong from 0 m to 554 m a.s.l.”

  1. Kathleen says:

    What a fantastic website! The videos are so clear & the color is vibrant. The content is fascinating! It really is brilliant. I love learning about the Rhesus Macaques & your travel videos are superb!

    1. arrozmarisco says:

      Thank you the 360 tour should be ready by next week ( I hope ) !

      1. Kathleen says:

        It works! So thrilled! Looking forward to it!

  2. I love how you have a picture slideshow! I bet you never see the stars in the sky over Hong Kong. I bet also the stars are one of the most stunning visions you see on your hikes.

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