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Could we help Lubby & Dubby ?Could we help Lubby & Dubby ?

Hurray ! Today’s an extra public holiday in HK – the so-called Buddha’s Birthday Holiday, arbitrarily taken on the eighth day of the fourth month of the Chinese lunar calendar which happens to lie on the 3rd of May this year.

It also allows me to clear the backlog.

As per Buddha’s teaching and compassion for all living things the episodes to be aired tomorrow and the day after will be centred on helping Lubby and Dubby to reintegrate into bossy’s troop. As drifters I really feel sorry for them and for the good of Dubby he really ought to be growing up in a more socially stimulating environment along with his peers like Dopey, Knotty, Mickey etc., to learn all the basic manners and etiquettes of living in a troop.  Knowledge of such will stand him in good stead when he has to deal with others on his own living independently in the not-too-distant future 🙁 as males are ousted by about four years of age regardless !

But don’t learn it from Dopey or else you’d be worst off 🙂

There is however an amazing similarity to our own problem in dealing with immigrants – indeed the people in the top echelon of the society hardly care about them as their privileges are rarely affected, to them life is usual as are their perks – you’ll see in these upcoming episodes that alphas like Bossy, Cocky etc., don’t really give a fuss that a new face is tagging along only those who are in direct conflict of interest with the newcomers will raise their objections – in this case, the lowest ranking female Gypsy is often hostile to Lubby and would often stalk to harass her. Higher ranking ones like Reddy, Lizzy etc., may appear to be indifferent but they do seem to have their own qualms and never want to interact with her. It’s only the babies that would welcome Lubby and her only son Dubby with open arms – there’s no conflict of interest there ( well at least Dubby won’t compete with Dopey for mum’s only tit ! ) and their inquisitive and friendly nature trumps everything ! Integration it seems to be the smoothest with kids, the same also holds true for our society.

On the surface my endeavour seemed to have worked but I really don’t know how long my impact would last – one thing for sure though I can’t really do it everyday as are most governments in the same position – the public coffer has only so much and resources are limited.


Will they ever be able to overcome the last step ?

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