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So what has become of the Baby-Snatcher ?So what has become of the Baby-Snatcher ?

Remember the infamous Baby-Snatcher Aggy ? She’s the only female in Bossy’s troop to have been observed with “ kidnapping a baby’.

How true is this ? That the alleged victim actually survived for 2 weeks suggests to me that there’s more to it than meets the eyes. Someone must have been nursing the baby in the interim period multiple times ( my observation is that a baby would at least require 2 nursing sessions in one afternoon alone ) and that someone was none other than the biological mother herself as only a lactating female dedicated to this baby in question could sustain its life, not for a day but for nearly 2 weeks. So by all likelihood the “kidnap” did happen at least with the consent of the biological mother considering how protective rhesus macaque mothers are to their babies – even Gypsy the lowest ranking breeding female would come down to fight Cocky when the latter was lashing out at poor lil Knotty during a feeding session gone wrong. In the rhesus world hierarchy is no longer sacrosanct if it comes between a mother and her baby. Indeed we have seen how Reddy protested when the matriarch Bossy hit Dopey before. Looking back I think my footage actually caught the actions of an inept young female on two occasions trying to aunt an infant. She probably was under the influence of hormones as she had just gone into oestrus first time in her life.

It is all very interesting to see how the shrouds of mystery surrounding Aggy gradually peels away – from the alleged baby molester to one more of an overbearing young mother. The psychology involved must be fascinating to read but unfortunately we just do not know but I’m more than certain now that Aggy is never a baby-snatcher to start with. She just hadn’t learnt the etiquette to ask the permission to nurse, like Dopey’s aunt has demonstrated here.

See it done properly – but Dopey’s fussy so it didn’t help 🙂

She must have had a rather isolated upbringing with very few aunts to learn from. She did it the hard way but so far had escaped unscathed because of her inherited high rank in the troop. But she did learn with time and indeed she has never been seen since to try to forcefully aunt another baby. She is now finally getting used to be a mother herself 🙂

Youngest mother in the troop and Aggy is slowly finding her feet…

Everything should be taken with a grain of salt

5 thoughts on “So what has become of the Baby-Snatcher ?”

  1. Sophia says:

    2:21 Here you can see the biological mother, who apparently lower rank, she sucks her breasts

  2. GozerTheGozerian says:

    The first video embedded in this post is “Could Lubby and Dubby Come Back?” That’s not supposed to be the one, is it? I don’t see anything about Dopey’s aunt there. Looks like maybe the link got switched up.

    Your website is looking good, Arroz, and all this extra information makes it much easier to follow along with your videos and catch the more subtle stuff like group dynamics, hierarchy and that sort of thing.

    I did not realize Bossy hit Dopey, I’ll have to look for that video as it will be interesting to see how Reddy responded to that provocation and threat to her baby.

    Cheers and thanks for your awesome work, Arroz!

    1. Such a both ,emotional ,as well as interlectual quandary for aus ,”gratuitous humans”that have had our heart strings tantalized .Those of us that have had an interlude in their lives re-routed pleasantly by one of the most(immediately so)sense captivating ,enthralling ,mesmerizing,little creatures in my life!

  3. Sissi S says:

    Something I noticed almost immediately is how much Aggy looks like PaPa Grandee.
    To me he is the most attractive monkey of all and reminds me so much of a soft sweet faced TeddyBear. She has the exact sweet face. The only difference I see is her hairline at the forehead is different which is probably like her Moms. She seems to have his ear shape also.

  4. Pamela Morrison says:

    Do the babies nurse From the aunts or any monkeys other than the mother?

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