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Dopey’s very expressive eyesDopey’s very expressive eyes

Rarely would one see a monkey baby with such expressive eyes, it’s almost like seeing a human infant in him. It fact his temper tantrum is markedly different from that of many other babies which almost always ends in just the universal open-mouth crying grimace and crawling and cowering around. He seems to use more of his eyes to show his anger, frustrations, sadness and ultimately fear. Humans are the only primates ( or indeed any animals ) to show the whites of their eyes to allow subtle emotions to be conveyed in our gaze and in Dopey I could almost see the dawning of this capability in his tantrum. Given time he and his breeds may eventually evolve just to do so, and with that the beginning of a more complex facial language. He is also one of the cleverest babies around, in a few weeks’ time there would be one episode which pits him against other babies in a crisis situation and he really shines in it. Only Knotty could match him.

There’s still crying but a lot less so than other babies. His eyes could speak !

This baby’s brain seems to be wired differently to other babies and it seems his delay in developmental milestones could also be related to this. Once his wiring was complete he has caught up with his peers in no time.

If Reddy manages to produce another baby this summer it would just be interesting to see how his sibling would compare with him. My guess is he or she will be more like an average monkey baby and Dopey is really an anomaly, truly one of a kind 🙂

The unconventional tantrum of Dopey

23 thoughts on “Dopey’s very expressive eyes”

  1. mimi says:

    Enjoy your YouTube channel very much. These pictures are magic ,Thank you for your hard work.

  2. Rosalie says:

    Totally agree with your opinion about Dopey. He is unique and I love that “uniqueness” in him.

    I’ve been watching your videos in YouTube for quite awhile, and is always eager to see updates on Dopey, Mickey, Knotty and Dubby.

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  3. Becky says:

    I noticed the difference in Dopey’s tantrum right away. He clung tightly to Reddy and grumbled or squeaked and whistled. And I think if he had a big enough bottom lip it would have been sticking out.
    Speaking of Knotty, his facial expressions impressed me from the get go. It definitely speaks of intelligence to look so sad or worried or playful. I can see why they(Dopey and Knotty) are considered by you to be the most clever of the babies. I agree, though Dopey has some catching up to do on his social cues :). I’m sure he will in time.

  4. kkossor says:

    I hope it’s not Dopey we lost. I really don’t want to lose any of them though. 😳😔

  5. kkossor says:

    I hope it’s not Dopey we lost. I really don’t want to lose any of them though. 😳😔 I can’t bear the thought.

  6. Susan EStrode says:

    Lost one?oh shoot!! IV been sick and caring for my husband so IV been unable to keep up with mums and the kiddos for at least 3 woks. I obviously have. Missed something.realy like this 360 view everything. Is so crisp and clear Arroz my dear you are truly giftedand should I ever be lucky enough to one day see monkey hill with my own eyes. I would love to share a day with you andall the pics and footage that has to be left out. To where or to who could i send a donationto help u keep our troop in goodies Thank you soooo much for your kindness and dedication.🐒🐵

  7. OddsRatio says:

    Thanks for all the hours you have spent on bringing us the ongoing saga about ‘our’ HK macaques! Your comments on screen makes is easy to understand what is happening and causes quite a few laughs! Have followed your YT channel for long, but never commented. I am grateful for all your work and look forward to watching many more hours of monkey stories. I particularly enjoy the episodes about Dopey and Knotty:), but also about your travels. Thanks again!

  8. I agree completely with everything you said about Dopey, he is very unique he doesn’t seem to have a fixed mindset Reddy could have several more babies I don’t think she will ever have another like Dopey, the only thing that I have seen really upset him is when mom says no teat 🙂 he is so precious. I love that your website is so informative!

  9. William buck says:

    He definitely seems to have a mind thats working overtime

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  11. Sarah Marie says:

    Our dear Arroz, there is no doubt that Dopey is a unique, intelligent, beautiful boy. I have often said that one day “Dopey will be King” of the Macaques in Hong Kong. That may sound funny or even odd to some. But, not long after Dopey was introduced to the world, it was very evident that he is and always will be special in his amazing way. Because of you Arroz, we will all want to follow him through the years. Because of you Arroz, we love him for his personality, big beautiful bright and expressive eyes, which speak for his very rare level of intelligence, and, of course, all of his amazing antics. He just may be the one monkey that will touch the hearts of those who think nothing of committing horrible and shameful atrocities against primates…and many other animals, wild and domestic. He just may have been created to be King. The special boy who used his intellect and not just his eventual brute strength, voice, teeth and claws to get across his message. He’s been brushing up on his fighting skills with Mickey and Bobby, which now are cute and funny; but are preparing him to lead. Perhaps there is a very special reason why Bobby, troop leader Bossy’s son, has become his best buddy.

    Arroz, as his ambassador, with your brilliant storytelling, love, compassion, and lens, you just may reach the entire world. That is my prayer. I, among others (I have no doubt), have committed myself to spread your message. We are losing our wildlife around the world. We are pushing them out of existence to suit our own needs. We encroach on their environments, needlessly murder, use and abuse these beautiful creatures for entertainment, profit, and for the sake of senseless cruelty.

    But, all is not lost. There is a compassionate rise in the number of groups of people who are trying to save their lives. Arroz, the stories you tell of these monkeys, especially this beautiful boy, our Dopey, may just turn more hearts around. It may seem overwhelmingly impossible to change the abuse in some parts of the world. However, I do believe in the power of love, the written word, and the power of your lens. I do believe we all can help be a voice to the world at large and make our Dopey the king who saved their world.

    Arroz, God bless you, our dear friend. There are no words to thank you enough for everything you do. You’ve been given a very special talented mind and heart and I am ever so grateful to you for sharing it with us…your extended troop. <3

    1. Rosalie says:

      100% agree with all you said above Sarah Marie 🙂 I am an avid fan of Dopey and I noticed, all videos featuring Dopey got the highest number of views.

      1. Sarah Marie says:

        Thank you so much Rosalie. I hadn’t thought to look at the number of views. I’m glad you mentioned that. I’ll have to check that out too. There are so many things in these videos; we could keep ourselves busy for months doing a study of them.

        So many of us love Dopey. Each and every single HK Macaque has something very special about them ; including the kidnappers and mums who we view as unloving. I may get upset with some of their actions, but I still love them. I believe they are far more honest with one another than humans are. Thanks to Arroz, we have the special opportunity to get to know, love, and learn from them. I thinks its very special that we all have become part of their family…though they don’t know it.

        Its very nice to meet you Rosalie. I hope you have a lovely week. 🙂

        1. Rosalie says:

          Thanks Sarah Marie, nice to meet you too. Yes, we have a nice weather forecasted this week in Toronto. Enjoy your week as well 🙂

      2. Barbara Bucy says:

        Thank you for your lovely words to Arroz. He is truly an extraordinary person. I love our monkey babies and their moms.

    2. Sarah that was very poignant! Very articulate. And I am in agreement with you a hundred percent Dopey is so unique no other monkey even comes close to him. do you remember the time he had the whole troop up in arms fighting. He instigated the whole thing little rascal.

      1. Candy says:

        I do remember that lol. He was always a little spitfire and getting his mom in more than her share of rows. But what a mom she is! Love them all! And love Arroz just as much! He is a rare gem as well!

  12. Arroz, thanks. It really tugs at my Heartstrings when any animal is hurt I think I love animals almost to a fault. You’re definitely my favorite videographer! I could watch all kinds of YouTube stuff on animals documentaries and such but your videos are my favorite and Dopey hands down is my favorite. Too bad all mothers can’t be like ready there’d be no sadness in my heart for any of the Monkees if ready was their mama. And hasn’t Gypsy really taking a turn for the better in caring for her baby Kneelie. She’s just really done a 360. Thanks again

    1. Vicky Shearer says:

      I love all of your videos, they are tremendously done and they really tug at my heart strings. These monkey’s are all so special(all of them)and each and every one of them has something special about them. When I watch these videos I feel like I am there and a part of their lives, somehow. I don’t know how long that you have been doing this but I just found out about these videos about a month or so ago and I am so addicted to watching them. If I have the time, I begin and end my day watching as many and as much as I can. I think they are all so adorable. Such cuties. Thanks again for all you do and taking the time out of your life to share what you see with us.

      1. I also have learned so much from these monkey’s and you! It is amazing how much you can learn from just watching animals.

      2. Vicky Shearer says:

        Dopey is sooo adorable and has lots of personality. All those little babies make you want to kiss them. I think it is so cute how some of them have so much energy, how they hop and jump around and play together. Thank you for putting up their names, other wise it is hard to tell who is who, until you put up their names, then you can kind of match their personalities to their names. Thanks again for doing these videos, I just love them. I have become lost if I don’t see them.

  13. Donald says:

    I just started watching your videos a week ago and hooked would love to go there, never had been interested in monkeys but this is awesome thanks for the good work

  14. Vicky Shearer says:

    These monkeys are really good looking monkeys. They all look perfect and seem to really care about each other. They almost seem to be better than humans at times and really seem to know what life is all about in a simple way and seem to be very intelligent. I really enjoy watching them. You have done a tremendous job with all the work, time and loyalty you put into them which makes it special. Thanks again for all you do.

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