We need names for our characters :)

Thank you for your participation and I’m quite overwhelmed with all those names, honestly !

For those who have submitted a list of names without specific instructions I have to make a painful choice to only include those that seem more suiting 🙁

The choice is yours and the polls will decide the names for our characters when I come back next week to check their outcomes 🙂

By the way even though I have included those names that are rather long here but I plead with you not to choose them as they’ll take up a lot of valuable space in my snippets 🙁

Here’s reminder of the characters that need names 🙂

Dopey’s aunt

Which name do you like the most for this rather careless aunt of Dopey ?

Bossy’s sweet son

Which name do you think suit this rather friendly son of Bossy most ?

Knotty’s really loving sister

How about a name for this caring sister of Knotty ?

Stumpy’s matriarch aunt of Ragtag troop

How about a name for the matriarch of Ragtag troop ? Incidentally she's also Stumpy's aunt as well.

Her son now 1 year old

How about a name for her son, a baby cousin of Stumpy ?

The beauty mum

How about a name for this beautiful mother, one of the high-ranking mums in Skull Head's troop ?

and her pretty daughter 🙂

And a name for her cute little daughter ?

The matriarch – she scratches and attacks !

She's feisty and very protective, she's Lil Prince's mum, matriarch of the troop, how about a name for her ?

The grandmother who loves babies 🙂

She adores babies and always tries to help out. She's the granny to all the little ones in this troop 🙂