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Most of my videos of monkeys of Monkey Hill in the early years were casually shot – I didn’t follow any particular individuals nor did I try to recognise any of them, I just filmed whatever came to me on my hikes. The only exception was Stumpy as he was what started me to take videos of monkeys more consistently and he has been my interest on and off since the fall of 2011 when I met him for the very first time.

Stumpy caught my eye one day on my hike in Monkey hill

I’ve never been a regular contributor on Youtube until I started to follow Baty and other babies in June 2016. It just happened on the spur of the moment as a thought came to me that maybe it’d be possible to follow a baby or two ( and the list subsequently grew but thank god the monkeys in Monkey Hill were never as prolific or I’d have to go full-time ). The fact is there were at least a few long lulls in my output – I was away for a whole year in 2012 and wasn’t back in HK until March 2013 and that year I only went back on a few occasions to make sure Stumpy was well. 2014 I was into rock climbing and I only visited Monkey Hill rarely. June 2015 saw my return to hiking past that area and I began to publish at a more regular interval – a mishmash of some old clips as well as more contemporary ones then.

This baby with otapostasis has gotten me into this rather addictive mess

As I could only have Wednesday night and Sunday each week to spend time on my footage my output is rather small and slow compared to many others and if I happen to visit the place twice a week in a row for several weeks then I become really behind with my schedule. At present it’s 8 weeks behind I’m afraid 🙁

As I work through my footage I begin to get a clearer picture of their society, how they interact and relate. Sometimes I’d connect the dots together with clues from footage I shot a good few years earlier and offer a possible explanation. Most of my knowledge of each individual is really a work of intelligent guess based on my observation but as I only see a tiny fraction of their life each week I may err and it has already happened quite a few times 🙁

Like the once infamous Baby-Snatcher – she’s turned out to be a loving mum 🙂

That’s how she came to my notice and my early working hypothesis…

and of course my opinion changed over time as more info has become available to me…

And sometimes I make mistakes too ! The most glaring one was about the sex of Bossy Jr whom I for some reasons had mistaken to be a male at first and for a good few months until one of my viewers pointed it out to me that this baby was actually a girl ! Thinking back I think I must have mistaken Bossy Jr. with another baby I saw of another troop and somehow the two got crossed over in my subconsciousness….

Bossy Jr. daughter of the matriarch born in 2016…

And Bossy Jr is actually a girl o_O’

I can’t control what comes to me nor do I want to engineer a situation to spice and sex things up. I treat my videos as a faithful representation of what happen on my hikes, they are like a hiking-logue to me in essence.

Hong Kong is blessed to have such a vast countryside as part of the city. It’s teeming with wildlife and for most Hongkongers nature is no more than a stone’s throw away. You’d have thought that they should have a better knowledge of their home turf but in actual fact few express any interest outside of work and for many of them the countryside is just a place to have fun – sometimes at the expense of the wildlife there 🙁

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  1. You seem to focus exclusively on the babies. If I could make a suggestion, it would be that you also include the more violent and drama-laced material — like fighting, mating, scuffles, play fighting, bickering, displays of dominance, food theft, etc etc etc instead of 24/7/365 babies nursing. While it’s cute to watch, nothing is more aggravating to be watching a baby suck on a breast for 15 minutes only to hear a big fight break out right off camera. And instead of panning over to check it out,t he video just cuts to another baby/scene.

    1. I think you misunderstand what is happening here. As far. as I know Marisco is not under contract to you to make videos of the monkeys on Monkey Hill. If he was it would be appropriate for you to tell him what you think should be the content of the videos. As he is not then do try to see how inappropriate it is to tell him what you want to see.

  2. Not a very accurate description, in my opinion. This user has obviously not seen all your videos, as we’ve witnessed plenty a melee, kidnappings, bickerings, food theft (looking at you, Tina)…and so much more. Even your occasional contest where you tested the babies strength to jump down into the aquifer and attempt to get back out. May I suggest this user do further browsing to achieve their desired suggestion lol

  3. I’m starting at the beginning of your vids. There aren’t monkeys in N. America and it’s illegal to own one in Calif. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see them in nature.

  4. Started at the beginning Oct 17th and just finished most recent! Nothing like sitting in the garden being visited by cats, opossums and raccoons while watching monkey vids. I’m hooked.

  5. Same here Jessica except the same critters only come out at night here but I am addicted to watching these beautiful Monkeys.

  6. Arroz, I did not know how to reach you except through here. I am sorry if this is the wrong venue to reach you about the imposter, formerly known as Brain Dead Caged Lori. There is a post on Heidi Baby’s channel. Here is the link
    When we click on the name it does take us to your website, or it looks like it does. I have never known you to post to other monkey you tube channels, so it is questionable if it is really you, viewers are confused. Either it is you posting or this imposter has gotten really good with mimicking you website. This is what was posted under your name ‘Arroz Marisco 23 hours ago

    The best doctor and carer for this baby is her mother Abigail all along and that’s what nature has intended. Another baby will end up in a cage and in a life of sadness ( presumed it’s a reputable NGO and if it’s genuine government action, this baby will very likely be euthanized only as these semi-wild long tailed macaques are treated as rats over there in Cambodia ) just because you have to create drama to line your pockets.’

    Is this your post, if not please let your viewers know. I will try to send you a message through another venue also. Mary Anderson

  7. Since I’ve been visiting family in Las Vegas this past week (one more to go) I’ve been trying to catch up on your website stuff…I’ve virtually quit all the abusive Cambodian VO’S except when I need a SP fix to see how he is holding up….unless I want to post info to “newbies” whom need to be educated on the plight of the macaques…keep up the great work….

  8. Just wanted you to know how much your videos mean to me. I suffer from depression and have a nerve condition that causes severe pain. Monkey Hill has been a ray of sunshine on some dark days. I really love these monkeys!! I have several favorites, Tiny, Spocky, Skinny, Skimpy, Vivy, Grandee, Martha and Lancy’s older son that I think you just named Laddy. I have more, but I guess the list is very long LOL!! You have a gift of bringing them into my life that makes me a better person. You really can’t imagine how much you have helped me!! I appreciate it so much, so thank you from the bottom of me heart!!!

    OH, I didn’t list Lubby & family, Stumpy & Stompy…. There are so many
    Thank you,

  9. Hello Mr. Arroz, I just wanted to let you know that you have helped me through a very tough spot with your inspirational videos of my favorite primates that exists in our world.
    It is such a pleasure to wake up and see that you have put up a new video. I watch them and it helps me get through my day.
    I thought at one point that I wanted to own my own but, that’s selfish of me. I would not take them out of their habitat. In fact if I could I would move closer so I can see it in real life.
    Again, thank you so very much for everything you do. You are so knowledgeable and it is so wonderful. Please continue to bring those beautiful beings into my life, as well as many others

  10. I adore your videos and posts! I don’t know how many years I have been watching but it has been quite a few. I never knew I was interested in primates, let alone become passionate about their lives and mortality. I started first with the orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra, then the Bonobos in the Democratic Republic of China, then on to the mountain gorillas and JANE Goodall’s chimpanzees. It has been a wonderful learning experience for me.
    I watch your videos daily, I was thrilled when you gave them a voice! How I love the babies and their moms. The different personalities are mesmerizing to watch. I watch Tiny videos and Dopey videos over and over. My daughter says I am obsessed because one night I watched for over 4 hours!
    I am a Registered Nurse with 30 years experience. During my career I was also fascinated with the mother/ child bond and all the facets and variables that go into shaping personalities, the nature vs nurture of things.
    Oh my did not mean to ramble on like this….I just wanted to thank you for making it possible for me to observe these wonderful primates in all phases of their lives, so greatly appreciated! And the fact that you possess so much medical information is such a great added bonus!
    Any chance we could learn a little more about you? Like your age, career marital status? Lol , Curious minds would LOVE to know!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🙊🙉🙈😀

  11. Arroz, I love your vids. I have a suggestion that I think other viewers would appreciate as well.

    I’m wondering if it would be possible, assuming it’s not too much extra work for you, to put the date each video was filmed (or date range, if a video contains clips filmed across several days) into each video’s YouTube description.

    The reason I’m requesting this is simple: I like tracking the development of these young primates, and to aid in this we have your estimates of their birthdates here on am360view. But, while we have the date the videos are published on YouTube, that date is always some unknown amount of time after they’re filmed, which means it’s therefore difficult to know with any degree of certainty how old any infants featured in a given video are. In short, the goal of this request is to allow viewers to link infant age to developmental progress while also being able to compare the progress of each infant to others in its birth cohort.

    Again, if this is for some reason harder for you to do than I expect, then no worries – rest assured I’ll keep watching no matter what.

    Thanks for considering this.

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