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Just a few words about my channel….

Most of my videos of monkeys of Monkey Hill in the early years were casually shot – I didn’t follow any particular individuals nor did I try to recognise any of them, I just filmed whatever came to me on my hikes. The only exception was Stumpy as he was what started me to take videos of monkeys more consistently and he has been my interest on and off since the fall of 2011 when I met him for the very first time.

The Story of Stumpy

I’ve never been a regular contributor on Youtube until I started to follow Baty and other babies in June 2016. It just happened on the spur of the moment as a thought came to me that maybe it’d be possible to follow a baby or two ( and the list subsequently grew but thank god the monkeys in Monkey Hill were never as prolific or I’d have to go full-time ). The fact is there were at least a few long lulls in my output – I was away for a whole year in 2012 and wasn’t back in HK until March 2013 and that year I only went back on a few occasions to make sure Stumpy was well. 2014 I was into rock climbing and I only visited Monkey Hill rarely. June 2015 saw my return to hiking past that area and I began to publish at a more regular interval – a mishmash of some old clips as well as more contemporary ones then.

This baby with otapostasis has gotten me into this mess >:(

As I could only have Wednesday night and Sunday each week to spend time on my footage my output is rather small and slow compared to many others and if I happen to visit the place twice a week in a row for several weeks then I become really behind with my schedule. At present it’s 8 weeks behind I’m afraid 🙁

As I work through my footage I begin to get a clearer picture of their society, how they interact and relate. Sometimes I’d connect the dots together with clues from footage I shot a good few years earlier and offer a possible explanation. Most of my knowledge of each individual is really a work of intelligent guess based on my observation but as I only see a tiny fraction of their life each week I may err and it has already happened quite a few times 🙁

Like the once infamous Baby-Snatcher – she’s turned out to be a loving mum 🙂
And Bossy Jr is actually a girl o_O’

I can’t control what comes to me nor do I want to engineer a situation to spice and sex things up. I treat my videos as a faithful representation of what happen on my hikes, they are like a hiking-logue to me in essence.

Hong Kong is blessed to have such a vast countryside as part of the city. It’s teeming with wildlife and for most Hongkongers nature is no more than a stone’s throw away. You’d have thought that they should have a better knowledge of their home turf but in actual fact few express any interest outside of work and for many of them the countryside is just a place to have fun – sometimes at the expense of the wildlife there 🙁

5 thoughts on “My Channel on Youtube”

  1. You seem to focus exclusively on the babies. If I could make a suggestion, it would be that you also include the more violent and drama-laced material — like fighting, mating, scuffles, play fighting, bickering, displays of dominance, food theft, etc etc etc instead of 24/7/365 babies nursing. While it’s cute to watch, nothing is more aggravating to be watching a baby suck on a breast for 15 minutes only to hear a big fight break out right off camera. And instead of panning over to check it out,t he video just cuts to another baby/scene.

  2. Not a very accurate description, in my opinion. This user has obviously not seen all your videos, as we’ve witnessed plenty a melee, kidnappings, bickerings, food theft (looking at you, Tina)…and so much more. Even your occasional contest where you tested the babies strength to jump down into the aquifer and attempt to get back out. May I suggest this user do further browsing to achieve their desired suggestion lol

  3. I’m starting at the beginning of your vids. There aren’t monkeys in N. America and it’s illegal to own one in Calif. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see them in nature.

  4. Started at the beginning Oct 17th and just finished most recent! Nothing like sitting in the garden being visited by cats, opossums and raccoons while watching monkey vids. I’m hooked.

  5. Same here Jessica except the same critters only come out at night here but I am addicted to watching these beautiful Monkeys.

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