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How many babies will Grandee sire this year ?How many babies will Grandee sire this year ?

It will soon be the time of the year again with new members arriving in droves in Monkey Hill.

Last year we had a boom of baby girls 🙂

Indeed the first baby will probably arrive in less than 4 weeks’ time but the baby boom won’t start until a month or so later between June and July.

Baty born in May 2016

My bet again this year is that Dolly will pop the first baby and I’m pretty sure that it will look like either Baty and Spocky again with those big bat ears !

Spocky, brother of Baty born in May 2017. Yes, they both have big prominent ears 🙂

All rhesus macaques are promiscuous and one would assume that a male which plays no part in the upbringing of his offspring would probably has minimum bonding with his babies – but I was pleasantly surprised to find one exception and that is Grandee, one of the co-dominant alphas in our gang who took time to care for his babies born last year – Spocky and Vivy on several occasions. He’s probably better than some human dads and put them to shame !

Grandee with son Spocky

Grandee with daughter Vivy

Grandee is just one exceptional alpha male !

It’s always difficult to know who a baby’s father is – except those of Grandee. This year I’m preety sure though that Taggy, one of the lesser alpha males is the father to Gypsy’s baby if she’s indeed pregnant ! For the others I think we’ll never know 🙂

Got caught together Gypsy & Taggy on several occasions 🙂

2 thoughts on “How many babies will Grandee sire this year ?”

  1. Kathie K says:

    Love the photo of Taggy there with Gypsy. It looks like you’ve “caught” them and they are shocked (well, Gypsy looks shocked! Taggy looks “smug”) LOL

    1. Myra says:

      LoL, I like the way you stated that. My sentiments exactly.

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