2018 babies ( SH )

This year two babies were on my radar…

Tibbin♂ ✝😢

Mother: Tina
DOB: around 22/07/2018
DOD: between the 1st and 2nd week of Oct, 2019.
Father: unknown
I had originally thought Tina would skip a year with any birth given how low-ranking she was and that she never could find enough food for herself let alone another new mouth to feed. But by late June it was pretty clear to me that she was expecting and just before the end of July we had a new baby, Tibbin brother to Tiny.

My first encounter with Tibbin….

From the get go Tibbin seemed to be another late bloomer – he was slow with every developmental milestone and he wasn’t walking until he’s at least a good 6 weeks old and only sparingly. Something wasn’t right with him and it seems whatever plagued Tiny was affecting him too….too bad he didn’t have that tenacity streak that Tiny has. He hadn’t been seen since mid October and was presumed dead. RIP sweet lil baby 🙁

Tibbin just wasn’t active….

Tina was trying hard to feed those two…

last episode when he was seen alive…

RIP sweet lil Tibbin….


Mother: Skinny
DOB: unknown
Father: unknown
Skimpy came to my notice because of how thin and poorly her mum is – when everyone dons thick winter pelage she is still  in her rather shabby summer coat. She must find it hard to keep herself and baby warm…. Yet despite her apparent hardship she is a very loving and indulging mother and Skimpy must be fed adequately as she is of normal size and just as energetic and curiously happy like all her peers are !

Poor Skinny but she loves and cares for her baby daughter !

2017 babies ( SH )

I again only followed 2 babies from this troop in 2017 🙂 One of them just happened by chance as well !

Bobbin♂ ✝😢

Mother: Martha
DOB:  around 20/06/2017
DOD: around the first week of Dec, 2017. He just seemed to have vanished without a trace…
Father: unknown
Bobbin was another cutie pie just like his bigger brother Button. Indeed all Martha’s babies are lookers as far as we know.

My first encounter with Bobbin….

Bobbin was a small baby just like his brother was but whereas Button was a little bundle of energy at his age Bobbin seemed to progress very slowly and was always lethargic  and he didn’t seem to hit many developmental milestones until rather late.

I kept a close eye on the two but Bobbin just disappeared off the radar around the beginning of December 2017 and has never been seen since, presumed dead. I always wonder what had got him – a fall or a bird of prey – the latter was a very remote possibility though. Anyway I will always remember his big sad eyes and the way he clung to mum like an accessory…. RIP Bobbin 🙁

Last episode of Bobbin seen alive….

RIP Sweet baby Bobbin 🙁


Mother: Tina
DOB: unknown
Father : unknown
I discovered Tiny the same day that I saw Bobbin for the very last time….

Skip to 14:00 and you’ll find Tiny…..

Tiny making his first debut….

As such I don’t really know much about Tiny prior to that episode which was filmed in November 2017. Nevertheless I did manage to find a glimpse of Tiny with his mum in an unrelated footage dated in September in which both appeared for a brief moment. Judging from his size then I would hazard a guess that he was probably born between June and  late July which would made him about 5-6 months old by the time I noticed him properly.

Tiny had an more auburn coat then….

Tiny was really small for his age and a lot of theories had been thrown around to offer for an explanation. I was hoping from the start that it was a case of failure to thrive from an exogenous cause i.e. malnutrition and not something that would make intervention almost impossible and futile – for example an underlying endocrine condition. But whatever the cause was it was hard to watch a small, haggard baby trying to scrape for a living by mopping up whatever tiny morsel there was on the ground…..

Tiny’s hard life……

And it was just as hard to watch Tina, Tiny’s mum and his aunt ( possibly the oldest daughter of Tina ) trying to steal food from him….

Tiny really found it difficult to keep his share…..

I wasn’t sure whether my intervention helped as much as the early timely arrival of the fruiting season of camphor trees which gave a tremendous boost to Tiny’s diet. But by early March Tiny was beginning to grow and catch up with his peers first in terms of his agility and later his size too. It was just miraculous to watch the transformation that happened before my eyes !

It took a lot of patience to help Tiny without upsetting the hierarchy…

Tiny was fortunate…..

and Tiny had finally caught up with his peers….

Tiny had overcome every hardship a monkey baby could possibly see by his sheer tenacity and determination to live. I wish his baby brother Tibbin did get a fraction of his determination….

2016 babies ( SH )

Skull Head’s troop is a mega troop ( 400 -500 strong ) and probably is the largest in the world according to the literature and obviously it has far more babies born each year than I could humanly recognize and follow.  I do however for various reasons follow a few individuals and their offspring 🙂


Mother: Martha
DOB: around 15/07/2016
Father: unknown
Button was undoubtedly one of the cutest, if not the cutest babies born in 2016 ! ( yup in my opinion, he was cuter even than Dopey ! ) He first caught my eye back in Oct 2016, by then he’s already a good 3 months old but then I thought he was only a newborn as he was just so small ! It’s only in retrospect that I discovered that I had indeed met him a few months earlier back in July without realizing it !

Oh yes we’ve seen him when he was only a few days old !

And even more surprising was that not only had I met him before I actually had met and filmed his mum Martha back in 2013 well before I began to film these monkeys regularly !

yup, that’s Martha back in 2013. that baby, a big brother now of Button is still around 🙂

His mum Martha is the only females ( apart from Reddy ) that I know with only one functioning breast. The contrast between Martha and Reddy, apart from their appearances is most pronounced in their ways of bringing up babies – whereas Reddy is always forgiving and yielding, Martha is more a disciplinarian, and she sticks to her rules and means it. It seems most females in a bigger troop will try to wean their babies asap and I’ve seen the same happening with other babies from such troop – like Bobbin, Tibbin, Tiny etc. I suppose there is more peer pressure to prepare their babies to become independent earlier as life actually isn’t as easy in a bigger troop especially when one isn’t very high ranking to start with !

Martha is a no-nonsense mum and she keeps her babies in their place !


Mother: Sophia
DOB: around 28/07/2016
Father: unknown
It was by chance that Ava came to my notice as her mum looks very pretty and quite unique-looking. I do see the two quite frequently but as her mum is quite high-ranking and that they both seem to do quite well without my checking on them comparing to the few females that I follow in this troop I don’t normally make a habit of featuring them in my videos, sorry 🙁

Meet Ava and her mum Sophia here !