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2016 babies ( SH )2016 babies ( SH )

Skull Head’s troop is a mega troop ( 400 -500 strong ) and probably is the largest in the world according to the literature and obviously it has far more babies born each year than I could humanly recognize and follow.  I do however for various reasons follow a few individuals and their offspring 🙂


Mother: Martha
DOB: around 15/07/2016
Father: unknown
Button was undoubtedly one of the cutest, if not the cutest babies born in 2016 ! ( yup in my opinion, he was cuter even than Dopey ! ) He first caught my eye back in Oct 2016, by then he’s already a good 3 months old but then I thought he was only a newborn as he was just so small ! It’s only in retrospect that I discovered that I had indeed met him a few months earlier back in July without realizing it !

Oh yes we’ve seen him when he was only a few days old !

And even more surprising was that not only had I met him before I actually had met and filmed his mum Martha back in 2013 well before I began to film these monkeys regularly !

yup, that’s Martha back in 2013. that baby, a big brother now of Button is still around 🙂

His mum Martha is the only females ( apart from Reddy ) that I know with only one functioning breast. The contrast between Martha and Reddy, apart from their appearances is most pronounced in their ways of bringing up babies – whereas Reddy is always forgiving and yielding, Martha is more a disciplinarian, and she sticks to her rules and means it. It seems most females in a bigger troop will try to wean their babies asap and I’ve seen the same happening with other babies from such troop – like Bobbin, Tibbin, Tiny etc. I suppose there is more peer pressure to prepare their babies to become independent earlier as life actually isn’t as easy in a bigger troop especially when one isn’t very high ranking to start with !

Martha is a no-nonsense mum and she keeps her babies in their place !


Mother: Sophia
DOB: around 28/07/2016
Father: unknown
It was by chance that Ava came to my notice as her mum looks very pretty and quite unique-looking. I do see the two quite frequently but as her mum is quite high-ranking and that they both seem to do quite well without my checking on them comparing to the few females that I follow in this troop I don’t normally make a habit of featuring them in my videos, sorry 🙁

Meet Ava and her mum Sophia here !

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