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2018 babies ( SH )2018 babies ( SH )

This year two babies were on my radar…

Tibbin♂ ✝😢

Mother: Tina
DOB: around 22/07/2018
DOD: between the 1st and 2nd week of Oct, 2019.
Father: unknown
I had originally thought Tina would skip a year with any birth given how low-ranking she was and that she never could find enough food for herself let alone another new mouth to feed. But by late June it was pretty clear to me that she was expecting and just before the end of July we had a new baby, Tibbin brother to Tiny.

My first encounter with Tibbin….

From the get go Tibbin seemed to be another late bloomer – he was slow with every developmental milestone and he wasn’t walking until he’s at least a good 6 weeks old and only sparingly. Something wasn’t right with him and it seems whatever plagued Tiny was affecting him too….too bad he didn’t have that tenacity streak that Tiny has. He hadn’t been seen since mid October and was presumed dead. RIP sweet lil baby 🙁

Tibbin just wasn’t active….

Tina was trying hard to feed those two…

last episode when he was seen alive…

RIP sweet lil Tibbin….


Mother: Skinny
DOB: unknown
Father: unknown
Skimpy came to my notice because of how thin and poorly her mum is – when everyone dons thick winter pelage she is still  in her rather shabby summer coat. She must find it hard to keep herself and baby warm…. Yet despite her apparent hardship she is a very loving and indulging mother and Skimpy must be fed adequately as she is of normal size and just as energetic and curiously happy like all her peers are !

Poor Skinny but she loves and cares for her baby daughter !

2 thoughts on “2018 babies ( SH )”

  1. Charles W Howard says:

    I really would like to know if you would have sing the monkey with the cerebral palsy type of affliction I forget what the name of it is I really think about that poor baby monkey a lot. He’s got strength he’s mentally okay it’s just his control of his balance is terrible. I just keep thinking of how that one monkey gave him the open mouth agression look and he just froze and looked at the older monkey and knew he was being scorned. It would be lovely if we would see him in upcoming video thank you arroz

  2. Skimpy reminds me so much of Tiny whom I absolutely adore I think Tiny was the cutest baby ever and still is but now with Skimpy I’m not sure which one I love more. I love all of the babies though as they are all so unique in their personalities. I noticed a big 7 on Skinny has she been sterilized? It’s a shame that the government feels the need to do this to the monkey population I understand that they don’t want a population explosion of monkeys but it seems to me that nature will take care of that in her own way survival of the fittest right?
    Well I really wanted to say great job on the videos and I’m really liking the new videos where you speak much easier to tell what’s going on with which troop and which monkeys so keep up the great work!!
    I do have a question for you in all your videos and time with the monkeys have you ever know a female to take another’s baby and care for it if the birth mother has died? I know some species will such as vervet monkeys but what about this breed?
    There is so many questions I’d like to ask. I think you do a great job of answering them on your videos without realizing it so wonderful job

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