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2016 babies ( Nora )2016 babies ( Nora )

Nora’s troop is one of the lesser troops I occasionally follow.


Mother: Nora
DOB: around 25/04/2016
Father: likely Bruce the alpha male
I first met him not long after he was born and on seeing how he was loved and pampered by all the females in his troop I coined him the moniker ” Lil Prince “.

My very first encounter with Vince….

The second time I met him with his troop I had a better understanding of who’s who 🙂

As time went by I began to realize that he’s the son of the matriarch, Nora and that what appeared to be his nanny was in fact just an older senior female, now we called Nan ( instead of Granny as that name has been taken by the geriatric one-eyed female who always accompanies Aggy in Bossy’s troop ).

To conform to the nomenclature Lil Prince is now known as Vince. He’s a funny lil one I wish I had followed him more regularly !

Vince is a chunky baby too !

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