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2017 babies ( Nora )2017 babies ( Nora )


Mother: Edith
DOB: around 01/05/2017
Father: unknown
Eddie’s bright auburn coat was unmissable and indeed that’s how I first noticed that there was a newborn in Nora’s troop. His mother is the sweet old Edith and she’s easily recognisable by her rather prominent hypogastric hernia which didn’t seem to affect her at all.

That’s me with my mum Edith 🙂

See my mum has that bulge below her belly button 🙂

Ah ! that’s my debut ! Wasn’t I adorable !

An experienced mum obviously Eddie’s babyhood was quite unremarkable and he just thrives and grows like all the other babies have done before him 🙂

Cessa♀ ✝😢

Mother: Nora
DOB: around 03/05/2017
Father: Bruce, the alpha male
Nora was very sweet and pampering towards Vince born the year before and so it was quite a shock to me to see how rough and indifferent she was towards Cessa, her new and first daughter born in 2017. It’s really the first time that I saw a rhesus mother almost bordering on to cruelty the way she treated her newborn – she would ignore her call, and she couldn’t even care to carry her newborn who could hardly crawl let alone walk by roughly dragging her along the ground, it was just heartbreaking 🙁 The only saving grace was that Nan the great caring aunt was around to say a stop to it and help lil Cessa out from time to time when she needed someone to hold onto….

Nora pinning, dragging Cessa initially….

Nora obviously wasn’t really that caring to say the least…

Nora is a very new matriarch and I think she’s probably just a year older than Aggy in Bossy’s troop ( who was only around 4 to 5 years old ) and as such it seemed like she had a hard time again becoming a mother again, perhaps the novelty of having a baby was gone and she couldn’t care less about Cessa ( even though she was a more valuable daughter ) and treated her like an afterthought at least initially.

She just didn’t seem to like the idea of becoming a mother again….

I was worrying about Cessa but fortunately Nora did finally warm up to her new baby girl after a week or two and began to take to her well. But it was still hard not to cringe the way she carried Cessa around – like casually slinging an accessory to her side, not properly like all rhesus mother do ventrally. It was quite precarious to watch how Cessa was trying to hold onto mum without loosing her grip.

At long last, Nora was motherly and baby Cessa seemed like she was really cared for !

Anyway apart from that rather worrisome quirk Nora was caring for her baby like many others do. In due cause Cessa just reached her developmental milestones like all other babies do – she began to walk gingerly, then was running around and began to climb and play with her brother Vince and her only peer in the troop Eddie.

Cessa was a happy curious lil baby 🙂

Everything seemed hunky-dory until the day she just disappeared off the radar screen – by about early July it was evident she’s gone forever. We’ll never know what happened precisely but my guess is that Cessa died in a fall – Nora got really carried away by her novel way of carrying a newborn around… accident does happen but it was just so tragic that it happened to a cute baby like Cessa and needlessly so too….

Cessa didn’t turn up and mum was behaving strangely 🙁

Bye bye RIP Cessa…..

Things finally did look up for Cessa…

Mum was taking to her….

Cessa was a sweet baby…..

A beaming happy baby girl….

And that’s how I’d like to remember you…

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