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2018 babies ( Löwina )2018 babies ( Löwina )

Thank god they only have two newborns this year !

Fözzina aka Fözzi♀

Mother: Löwina
DOB: around 21/05/2018
Father: Leo
Fözzi was so named as she’s got really fuzzy baby fur when she was born especially on her ears 🙂

Her ears are so fuzzy 🙂

Fözzi’s debut 🙂

Sister to Flöffi born the year previously and the newest heir to the throne she is again expected to become independent as soon as possible by her matriarch mum Löwina. We again see her getting weaned early and she is among the first few of this year’s babies to be acting so independently at such young age. She doesn’t seem to get much piggybacking from mum at all 🙂

Sorry Fözzi but there’s a lot to be expected from you….

Her relationship with Flöffi again resembles that between Noe and Nona and it is always a joy to watch them interact with each other 🙂

Noe and Nona, Fözzi and Flöffi 🙂

Her best friend is Demi, born 3 weeks after her. These two babies are adorable when they huddle and lip-smacking at each other as though they are gossiping how horrible life is when milk is being cut back by their mums !

Fözzi ( left ) and Demi ( right) are so cute together 🙂


Mother: Donna
DOB: around 14/06/2018
Father: unknown
Unlike her sister Danni’s almost pitch-black coat, Demi has a light auburn one but apart from the colours the two look alike as they both have such a cute and beautiful face with their almost trademark-like beautiful big round eyes, a trait they both inherit from their mum Donna 🙂

Demi’s debut 🙂

Demi is just so cute 🙂

Again Demi is also camera-shy and it is rare to catch her 🙁

Demi and Fözzi huddle up !

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