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2016 babies ( Annie )2016 babies ( Annie )

Annie’s the matriarch of this small troop which only had less than a dozen members to start all with but in time you’ll see it grows…..
There were 2 newborns in this troop in 2016 – oh well one in reality as one of the newborn belongs to Lubby whose allegiance is questionable…..
I have to confess at that time I only knew about this troop because I was following Stumpy…


Mother: Annie
DOB: around 15/06/2016
Father: Batman the alpha male
There’s very little footage of Jack as my attention then was of Baty and Dopey from Bossy’s troop and I have to confess I didn’t like Annie at that time ( and I didn’t really care much for Jack either 🙁 ) as she was rather mean towards Stumpy who was trying to get accepted into her troop…

Jack wasn’t getting much of limelight in those days..

Jack between 5-6 months old…

Jack at about 2 years old….


Mother: Lubby
DOB: around 30/07/2016
Father: unknown
I love Dubby.

The bond between Dubby and Lubby is one of the most beautiful out there….

I always feel sorry for him as mum Lubby couldn’t give him all the time and attention that most newborn would take for granted 🙁 Being the son of a drifter mum he was always left alone, hiding up in some treetops while waiting for mum to come back for him. Lubby had no choice then as she had to forage to make ends meet and unfortunately most food was found near the bigger troops during feeding time and she was not exactly welcome to come and pick her share. She had to wait for a chance to grab and run, risking herself in the process. I therefore totally sympathize her circumstances to leave Dubby behind as it was safer to go about without Dubby tagging along with her. I just hope he had an aunt who could babysit him while mum was away 🙁

Poor Dubby security is what matters most to a baby….

Life as drifters isn’t great….

Lubby was dithering between Annie’s troop and Bossy’s troop then and was switching her allegiance from time to time. I suppose she was partially to blame for the situation she put herself and unfortunately her kids into. I think deep down she has always preferred to be with Bossy’s troop and most of the mothers there were indifferent to her presence and had no qualms whatsoever letting Dubby to mingle and play with their babies. But it didn’t work out as Gypsy was openly hostile to her and would chase her away whenever she saw her around. In the end Lubby settled for Annie’s troop though half-heartedly only. Dubby had no choice but to go along with Lubby’s decision. He has since settled in but he always look very lonely and out of place there. Poor Dubby…..

Lubby’s various attempts to get accepted into Bossy’s troop…

Dubby playing with his peers in Bossy’s troop….

Dubby nowadays….

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