2018 babies ( Annie )

Seven babies were born this year ( WTF ! ) but only six of them would be followed and probably sparingly 🙁 This is a year to remember as Stumpy has finally sired a successor – Stompy !


Mother: Dana
DOB: around 12/04/2018
Father: unknown
Dana’s two previous babies didn’t survive – Damien ( born  in 2016 and spotted only once ) and another unnamed baby ( born in 2017 and seen so briefly that I never even knew whether it’s a boy or girl ). The family of Dana is still a mystery to me as she seems to have less allegiance with Ragtag than even Lubby has. She seems to come and go as she wishes and just like Lubby she must have a connection with Bossy’s troop as she’s tolerated over there to forage and feed alongside them, at least most of the time.

Dana’s story unraveled…

Daria’s older siblings that didn’t survive…..

The special relationship Dana has with Grandee…

Daria’s name was suggested by one of my viewers ( Picket Fence ) as the name carries a special story about a premature baby who finally made it in the neonatal ICU and so far the charm must have worked as not only is Daria alive and kicking as we speak she has pretty much been a bundle of energy since birth and she has been so advanced in every department that she has been wearing mum out ! So finally Dana’s baby seems to be thriving 🙂

Oh and welcome Daria….

and she’s going to be a catch !


Mother: Annie
DOB: around 01/06/2018
father: Batman the alpha male
Another boy for Annie ! She must be desperate for an heir ! Oh well Annie is always a good mum and takes much protection of her babies so just like her older kids in the past I don’t really get to see Jeff very much to tell his story….

My first encounter with Jeff…

Jeff still have to go through the same ordeal just like any other babies 🙂


Mother: Lubby
DOB: around 14/06/2018
Father: unknown
Another disappointment for Lubby as it’s another boy again so Lubby is not going to swell the ranks and improve her standing in either Ragtag or Bossy’s troop but what a remarkable boy he is – he’s not meek like Dubby and he’s more of a fighter than Dibby is.  Lubby will certainly see a boy who will love her and come to her defence, someone who will stand by her all the time, that is until the day he has to leave the troop…..

Baby Dobby making his debut

Oh he’s a darling isn’t he ?

He surely resents troop rules…

And he fights alongside his brother…

But what he excels in Lubby’s not going to appreciate it very much when it comes to time of weaning. Dobby certainly let his feeling be known and is not going to let go of the milk bar quietly !

And he’s not going to let go of milk easily !


Mother: Alma
DOB: around 15/06/2018
Father: likely to be Stumpy
Stumpy was the biggest surprise in 2018 – certainly it’s going to happen one day as I had seen him practice mating as early as early 2017 with a few older females but it was not until early June 2018 that I could tell with certainty that he was going to sire.

Stumpy grooming a heavily pregnant Alma…

And so Stumpy’s son was born and finally Stumpy has become a father. It’s a new chapter in life for him and what an accomplishment for him to begin life facing with so much hardship and got here at long last. He really earned it !

Many congratulations, Stumpy !

meet Stompy, son of Stumpy !

See the father-son resemblance !

I have yet to see Stumpy showering love to his boy like Grandee from Bossy’s troop does but I think such behaviour is learnt over the years and Stumpy will do the same when he’s older and a lot mellower. Still I had caught him defending Stompy once so there is that palpable favouritism he has for Stompy over other babies in Batman’s troop !

Stumpy coming to Stompy’s defence !

Alma is a very high-ranking female ( I think she is second in command ) so Stompy should have a easy life to start with ! Nice move Stumpy !


Mother: Dama
DOB: around 15/06/2018
Father: unknown
Sister to Dak, Dakota is the first female baby born to Ragtag troop since I’ve begun to take notice of them. Dakota seems to be a very advanced girl from the get go and I don’t really know too much of her as she’s always playing in the trees with her peers !

My first proper encounter with Dakota 🙂

and she just grows so fast !


Mother: Wibby
DOB: around 15/06/2018
Father: unknown
Willy is an odd ball like her mum Wibby who both seem to be comfortable at home with either Bossy’s troop or with Ragtag troop, and more so than either Dana and Lubby. It seems that she must be related to some high-ranking individuals in both troops !

Indeed Wibby’s first appearance did cause some confusion as she was spotted with Bossy’s troop first and it was not until later that I realized that Willy and his mum actually belong to Ragtag troop ! Not only are they tolerated by Bossy’s troop Willy sometimes could be seen going about his own business alone in Bossy’s troop ! ( Wibby probably is socializing somewhere with her friends or relatives in Bossy’s troop though ! )

Who do they really belong to ?

I have to say the presence of Wibby and Willy has opened my eyes to the complex society in these rhesus macaques and just like us they do visit relatives and friends from time to time. How fascinating the population dynamics they have there !

Wibby is a visitor welcomed in Bossy’s troop !


Mother: Dasha
DOB: between end of May and early June
Father: unknown

Dahlia is added to the list as an afterthought only since she wasn’t on my list of babies to follow to begin with but as she seems to be popping up in my videos too often enough to remain anonymous, the decision was reversed and so now we have Dahlia. Very little is known about her but she does look very similar to Dakota except the latter has a rounder and fuller face.

Dahlia with her mum in early June…..

Dahlia ( left ) and Dakota ( right ) in mid April 2019.

2017 babies ( Annie )

Four babies were born this year….


Mother: Dama
DOB: around 30/05/2017
Father: unknown
Dak is so named because his coat was darker than that of Al when the two were spotted on the same day. Mum Dama is a low ranking female and is always bullied by Al’s mum, Alma.

Dak’s debut – fresh from the oven !

Dak playing with Dibby….

Dak has grown to become a very healthy juvenile and his darker coat still stays with him. He however has become very vocal and would honk at any passers-by for food 🙁 Fortunately he doesn’t chase after passing vehicles for it..


Mother: Alma
DOB: around 30/05/2017
Father: unknown
Al got his name because he’s the fairer of the two boys ( himself and Dak ) born and spotted on the same day. Alma is the second-in-command to matriarch Annie and a very feisty one too. Before Stumpy was finally accepted as a member she would bully and chase him away, considering her slim and small frame she must be one hell of a fighter !

Al’s debut – also steaming hot from the oven !

Al at a bout 8 weeks old….

Al and his peers at around 9 months old….

Al inherits his high ranking from mum and is himself a little bully too. He has also picked up that habit of honking from Dak, and excels at doing it too !

Al has picked up a very bad and potentially dangerous habit….


Mother: Annie
DOB: around 12/06/2017
Father: unknown
Jake is an advanced lil guy like his brother Jack and as such I don’t really get to see him that often as he’s always playing high up in the trees 🙂

Jake spotted at about 5 weeks old….

Jake does look like his older brother Jack too !


Mother: Lubby
DOB: around 24/07/2017
Father: unknown
Dibby was surely the cutest babies in Annie’s troop that year. He was born with such a small face that made his eyes look disproportionally big in comparison.  He was small and clumsy at first but he soon picked up and become sure-footed in no time. He was a curious little guy and was on his way to explore the world around him when he was no longer glued to the milk bar – and that didn’t take long either !

Dibby’s debut….he’s just so tiny !

But that didn’t stop him from exploring !

and he is not timid like Dubby !

He seems to be  a little bully at times especially towards his bigger brother Dubby but then Dubby has always been a bit meek so he’s probably taking advantage of it only 🙂

But Dubby doesn’t mind a lil bully !

He is very attached to his mum so I feel sorry for him when he was left to his own devices when his brother Dobby was born. Fortunately he seems to have found a way to hang around with his mum and baby brother without getting the boot. It’s very heartwarming to see the three huddle together……

The loving mother, sons and brothers 🙂