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2017 babies ( Annie )2017 babies ( Annie )

Four babies were born this year….


Mother: Dama
DOB: around 30/05/2017
Father: unknown
Dak is so named because his coat was darker than that of Al when the two were spotted on the same day. Mum Dama is a low ranking female and is always bullied by Al’s mum, Alma.

Dak’s debut – fresh from the oven !

Dak playing with Dibby….

Dak has grown to become a very healthy juvenile and his darker coat still stays with him. He however has become very vocal and would honk at any passers-by for food 🙁 Fortunately he doesn’t chase after passing vehicles for it..


Mother: Alma
DOB: around 30/05/2017
Father: unknown
Al got his name because he’s the fairer of the two boys ( himself and Dak ) born and spotted on the same day. Alma is the second-in-command to matriarch Annie and a very feisty one too. Before Stumpy was finally accepted as a member she would bully and chase him away, considering her slim and small frame she must be one hell of a fighter !

Al’s debut – also steaming hot from the oven !

Al at a bout 8 weeks old….

Al and his peers at around 9 months old….

Al inherits his high ranking from mum and is himself a little bully too. He has also picked up that habit of honking from Dak, and excels at doing it too !

Al has picked up a very bad and potentially dangerous habit….


Mother: Annie
DOB: around 12/06/2017
Father: unknown
Jake is an advanced lil guy like his brother Jack and as such I don’t really get to see him that often as he’s always playing high up in the trees 🙂

Jake spotted at about 5 weeks old….

Jake does look like his older brother Jack too !


Mother: Lubby
DOB: around 24/07/2017
Father: unknown
Dibby was surely the cutest babies in Annie’s troop that year. He was born with such a small face that made his eyes look disproportionally big in comparison.  He was small and clumsy at first but he soon picked up and become sure-footed in no time. He was a curious little guy and was on his way to explore the world around him when he was no longer glued to the milk bar – and that didn’t take long either !

Dibby’s debut….he’s just so tiny !

But that didn’t stop him from exploring !

and he is not timid like Dubby !

He seems to be  a little bully at times especially towards his bigger brother Dubby but then Dubby has always been a bit meek so he’s probably taking advantage of it only 🙂

But Dubby doesn’t mind a lil bully !

He is very attached to his mum so I feel sorry for him when he was left to his own devices when his brother Dobby was born. Fortunately he seems to have found a way to hang around with his mum and baby brother without getting the boot. It’s very heartwarming to see the three huddle together……

The loving mother, sons and brothers 🙂

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