2019 babies ( Löwina )

Pete ♂

DOB: 17 April 2019
Mother: Pepper
Father : Likely to be Leo

Pete is the first baby born to Löwina’s troop this year. He is also the first baby born to new mum Pepper too. Pepper has quite a fiery personality and she is obsessed with safely for her son. So far she has remained suspicious of everyone around her, even her own members from the same troop if they dare approach her baby son. She would lash out at anyone trying to get too close to him !

Mum pepper ( left holding Pete ) – she is someone you don’t want to mess with !

But Pete is naturally one curious boy – he is just waiting for the opportunity !

Pete is a lively little boy on the rare occasions when mum cut him some slack. I am pretty sure he is more capable than what his mum makes him appear to be…

But Pepper just makes him nurse all the time !

Meet baby Pete !

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