2019 babies ( Nora )


DOB: 03 may 2019
Mother: Nora
Father: Bruce

Celessa is named in memory of her late sister Cessa who lived for only 2 months back in 2017. Cessa probably was one of the cutest girls that year and she stole a lot of our viewers’ hearts as her mum Nora wasn’t exactly very motherly towards her in the beginning 🙁 but she just disappeared when things began to look up for her, how sad 🙁

The late Cessa with mum Nora, taken when the latter had finally warmed up to her…

I was really overjoyed to see Nora has given birth to a girl this year and what’s even more ecstatic is that this little baby girl is almost a spitting image of Cessa – it’s like she has come back from heaven !

Celessa at about 2 weeks old…

Her face is a bit longer than Cessa’s but they have the same eyes and nose I think 🙂

Celessa so far seems to be doing well with mum Nora. Perhaps after 3 kids, Nora, the young matriarch has settled down to her combined role as a leader and a mother well. She could be still a bit rough at times but that is nowhere near what she had done to Cessa. Hopefully she will keep it this way 🙂

Nora is definitely a lot nicer to her daughter this time round !

Ok, she could be a bit overbearing at times !

Celessa’s first proper debut – the day I finally learnt she’s a girl !

She is quite a handful, isn’t she ?

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