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2019 babies ( Nora )2019 babies ( Nora )


DOB: 03 may 2019
Mother: Nora
Father: Bruce

Celessa is named in memory of her late sister Cessa who lived for only 2 months back in 2017. Cessa probably was one of the cutest girls that year and she stole a lot of our viewers’ hearts as her mum Nora wasn’t exactly very motherly towards her in the beginning 🙁 but she just disappeared when things began to look up for her, how sad 🙁

The late Cessa with mum Nora, taken when the latter had finally warmed up to her…

I was really overjoyed to see Nora has given birth to a girl this year and what’s even more ecstatic is that this little baby girl is almost a spitting image of Cessa – it’s like she has come back from heaven !

Celessa at about 2 weeks old…

Her face is a bit longer than Cessa’s but they have the same eyes and nose I think 🙂

Celessa so far seems to be doing well with mum Nora. Perhaps after 3 kids, Nora, the young matriarch has settled down to her combined role as a leader and a mother well. She could be still a bit rough at times but that is nowhere near what she had done to Cessa. Hopefully she will keep it this way 🙂

Nora is definitely a lot nicer to her daughter this time round !

Ok, she could be a bit overbearing at times !

Celessa’s first proper debut – the day I finally learnt she’s a girl !

She is quite a handful, isn’t she ?


DOB: 22 May 2019
Mother: Dora
Father: unknown

A really lesser known baby in Nora’s troop as we often only get a brief glimpse of this lil boy. He is doing well so far.

That’s the longest clip we have of him !

What a cute baby he is though!

Bethe ♀ ✝😢

DOB: 25 May 2019
DOD: was spotted gravely ill on 07 July 2019 and she has never been seen since…..
Mother: Norma
Father: unknown

All Norma’s babies have wide-set eyes and they do look a bit different from other babies. Bethe is no exception to this rule but she does look a bit off to me in addition hence I was suspecting that she could have some underlying chromosomal abnormalities that may run in their family.

My first encounter with Bethe…..

Could she have a NHL version of Trisomy 21 ?

Bethe’s last hours with mum…..


DOB: 20 June 2019
Mother: Estel
Father: unknown

Essie’s baby sister but unlike her, she is very shy and we only get a glimpse of her from time to time only.

My first encounter with Elyse …..

So we finally have some reasonably long and decent clip of Elyse 🙂

She really is seldom seen not with her mum by her side, unlike Essie who is a real tomboy and is out doing things exploring on her own….


DOB: 25 June 2019
Mother: Audrey
Father: unknown

Audrey’s first baby. A  cute girl and not too shy at all.

She was born not long ago then…..

She was finally named in  this episode…

Oh yes, she’s grown and is one lively little girl now !

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  1. Kitty Basham says:

    How about Izzie and Ibbie for the new mom and baby in Nora’s troop. Ibbie would work for m or f.

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