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2019 babies ( SH )2019 babies ( SH )

Asher ( Ash )

DOB: 30 April 2019
Mother: Sophia
Father: unknown

Asher ( Ash ) is a miracle baby to her mother Sophia who was sterilized with laparoscoipic tubectomy back in 2016. I thought Ava, her girl born in summer 2016 would be her last baby ever but then nature has its way to stage a comeback and it was a pleasant surprise to me to find her nursing a baby out of the blue 3 years following a procedure that should have stripped her of fertility for life !

That’s how I found Asher the first time – at first I thought Sophia was holding someone else’s baby !

Ava, born in 2016 was once thought to be Sophia’s last baby ever….

Sophia has beaten tubectomy. A case of nature triumphing over men.

Ash, the miracle baby 🙂

Don’t let her mum’s overprotectiveness fool you, Ash is no milk bar addict – he is in fact a spunky little baby. He could accomplish more and a whole lot more than his age would suggest. He’s been seen climbing treetops at least 10 metres high at a tender age of 8 weeks ! I consider him to be one of the most advanced babies I’ve ever seen !

Yes, indeed Ash is no couch potato at all !

He certainly is one of the best, if not the best there !

Bobette ♀ ✝😢

DOB: 01 June 2019
DOD: around the 1st week of July, 2019. She only lived for about 5 weeks……
Mother: Martha
Father: unknown

I thought I met Martha for the very first time in late 2016 when I first laid eyes on Button, her baby born in 2016 who was probably one of the cutest babies in Monkey Hill. Little did I know that I had actually met her at least 3 years back, well before I began to turn filming the monkeys in Monkey Hill as a habit. The point is, not only Martha is a seasoned mum she’s already quite old and is teetering towards the end of her reproductive life as we speak now in 2019.

Button was so cute, wasn’t he ? He’s now three years old and is still doing well as we speak !

Bobbin disappeared when he just turned 6 months old 🙁

Her last baby Bobbin, born in 2017 disappeared around December that year and was presumed dead. She skipped a year in 2017 and just as I thought she would do so again this year she surprised me with Bobette. And what a pleasant surprise this lil baby is as she begins to look more and more like Bobbin each time I see her. It certainly feels like Bobbin has come back again 🙂

Yes, that tiny thing clinging on Martha’s back is Bobette. She’s no more than a day’s old then !

She’s one of the smallest baby this season. I suspect she’s a preemie too !

Bobette, nurse more to grow strong ! She’s going to become pretty like mum with those long eyelashes !

But nursing is tiring too. Bobette has to take a few naps during one feeding session 🙂

Bobette is filling out a bit. She’s looking increasingly like Bobbin with those huge haunting eyes !

Stay strong, Bobette !

That’s how I met Bobette the first time 🙂

The first time I knew she’s a girl 🙂

Bobette so we have finally settled a name for you !

Teeny ♀

DOB: 01 Aug 2019
Mother: Tina
Father: unknown

Another tiny baby from Tina. She’s way off the centile chart and I suspect her stunted growth has everything to do with Tina who can’t produce enough milk herself. Teeny has learnt to forage for herself from a very early age more than any other babies we have seen, except her brother Tiny so I suspect Tina’s lactation problem has been an on-going problem for at least a few years now. Teeny is super sweet and she doesn’t seem to complain, she just goes about quietly to try to find food for herself, sometimes covering a great distance too. She is one stoic lil baby 😢

That’s how I first met Tina’s new baby. She must be already a week old then.

and it’s quite evident that she just isn’t growing normally like other babies are.

and she is way off the centile chart !

she is just a tiny baby, still the size of a newborn at 4months old.😰

11 thoughts on “2019 babies ( SH )”

  1. Christie Tapley says:

    I apologize if I’m using the wrong place to post, I wasn’t sure where I should. Last night I found a video, one of your investigative series. (Into the Cambodian monkey channels) It was entitled something like, “What’s Gone Wrong In Cambodia?” or, “What Is Happening In Cambodia?” This video was twenty four minutes, +so many seconds long. The content was what happened to Brutas and how he was stronger than they thought he would be, and it talked about Amari’s supposed cataracts, etc. I got up today to let some friends see, as we have all been trying to tell people about that very thing, and it’s just GONE. I can’t find it in my history, on your site, etc. If I may ask this question, and please forgive me for being intrusive….did you take it down, or have they deleted it? What happened to that video? It was a wonderful video, I was so glad to see someone telling people, what I’ve been trying to say for three years, that I knew people would listen to. I would very much like to see it back up.

  2. Theresa Trahan says:

    I hope you are safe and well during this COVID19 VIRUS. My question is how is little Teeny? It’s April 1, 2020 and I just can’t stop worrying about the little one. Thanks and praying you are well.

    1. Cathy Emerson says:

      Hi ive been watching the antics of Teeny amd shes thriving😘😘😘in the words of the wonderful Arozz shes a trooper😘😘x

  3. Antonioabale says:

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  4. Judith Elpers says:

    Hello Arroz.

    Maybe you could give Teeny some sweet and soft peaces of fruits, which she have to eat and swollow directly!?
    But I know that it’s really difficult, to make sure that she gets it and no one else… and to carry all that stuff….
    I hope she will survive!
    I love all that monkeys and your affection for them. You’re doing a good thing!

    Greetings from Germany!

    1. Cathy Emerson says:

      Judith you are correct about the soft fruit. Arozz is wonderful. I luv him his compassion is breathtaking. What a wonderful planet this would be if everone was like Arozz.
      I watched a disturbing vidso about a brave little baby trying to survive after being hit by a moped the little sweetheart had brain damage and succumed to her wounds. The video maker is monkeykingpopo. Stay away from those videos.. The captions were mocking and the comments were repulsive. Satans disciples. I could not sleep because of the anger. So it was a great relief to come onto arozz’s website and see comments from people with compassion. Arozz please dont ever leave those darling monkeys…come on Teeny were rooting for u..😘😘😘

  5. Judith Elpers says:

    Hello again.
    I have an unconventional suggestion: you could contact an animal communicator like Penelope Smith or Anna Breytenbach and ask her to talk with Tina. I am sure, they can find out the reasons of Tinas behavior and maybe there will be a solution. Think over!
    Thanks and the very best regards!

  6. Judith Elpers says:

    Here’s a link of a documentary about the holy animals in India, Delhi – Rhesus, Cows an Elephants.
    It’s in German. Probably you don’t understand. Maybe one can find this documentary in English, too.
    It’s very interesting. The Indians still have another, more respectful relationship to their animals than other societies, and try to find solutions for both sides, animals and humans.

    Greetings from Germany! I love your videos! It’s my daily “soap”.
    I love all animals,especially monkeys 🙂

  7. Cathy Emerson says:

    Love you Arroz…your Teenys mama and papa😍😍😍xxx

  8. Hello Arroz,
    Is there any way we can sponsor the babies? I would love to do anything I can to help Teeny.
    Thank you for all you do and for the smiles your videos bring to our lives.

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