2019 babies ( SH )

Asher ( Ash )

DOB: 30 April 2019
Mother: Sophia
Father: unknown

Asher ( Ash ) is a miracle baby to her mother Sophia who was sterilized with laparoscoipic tubectomy back in 2016. I thought Ava, her girl born in summer 2016 would be her last baby ever but then nature has its way to stage a comeback and it was a pleasant surprise to me to find her nursing a baby out of the blue 3 years following a procedure that should have stripped her of fertility for life !

That’s how I found Asher the first time – at first I thought Sophia was holding someone else’s baby !

Ava, born in 2016 was once thought to be Sophia’s last baby ever….

Sophia has beaten tubectomy. A case of nature triumphing over men.

Don’t let her mum’s overprotectiveness fool you, Ash is no milk bar addict – he is in fact a spunky little baby. He could accomplish more and a whole lot more than his age would suggest. He’s been seen climbing treetops at least 10 metres high at a tender age of 8 weeks ! I consider him to be one of the most advanced babies I’ve ever seen !

Yes, indeed Ash is no couch potato at all !

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