2019 babies ( Ragtag )

Dave ♂

DOB: 04 May 2019
Mother: Dana
Father: unknown

Daria survives and now Dana has another baby this time and it’s a boy – I called Dave and I think so far he has lived up to his name as one brave and healthy baby, probably a bit too spunky for his mum to handle and to make her job more demanding is that her daughter Daria seems to be away hanging around with her uncle Taggy in Bossy’s troop all the time she hardly does what most other yearling girls at her age do – that is, to help babysitting their younger baby siblings !

The first time I met Dave – he’s already a looker then !

Not as cute as Dopey he is still remarkable though !

Meet baby Dave 🙂

Regardless, Dave so far has done very well – he is one cute-looking boy with a protruding umbilicus – or more precisely a paraumbilical hernia which in humans should regress over time and I suspect the same should happen with Dave too !

My belly button sticks out a bit but it’s okay !


DOB: 25 May 2019
Mother: Lubby
Father: unknown


DOB: 01 June 2019
Mother: Annie
Father: unknown


DOB: 05 June, 2019
Mother: Dasha
Father: unknown


DOB: 13 June 2019
Mother: Dama
Father: unknown

3 thoughts on “2019 babies ( Ragtag )”

    1. I love watching your videos. You have a knack with capturing the life of these wonderful creatures; Rhesus Macaques. After your videos regarding how blown up the Cambodian videographers have become. I unsubscribed to a few that I followed. Do you know about the family who adopted Monkey Doo? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS_BQjyp0_62lO09p5ZfYLg
      Do you think they’re taking care of him the right way?

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