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Reddy and her familyReddy and her family


Reddy and her family are the main protagonists in this ongoing saga about macaques in Monkey Hill. She is one of the most loving mothers out there and she takes good cares of her babies and rears them well too ! She really could put some human mothers to shame !

Dopey wouldn’t have made it without such a great mum like Reddy !

Reddy will always put her baby’s safety before everything else !

Reddy has to be one super-patient mum too !

She seems indulgent at times but is firm when she needs to. We thought she could never wean Dopey but hell, we were all wrong, Dopey was weaned on the dot at approximately 10 months old ! And Dopey had never made a real mess of himself with weaning, unlike some other babies we know of !

The way Reddy did it was so admirable !

I am not sure how old she is but given that they begin to bear babies at about 4 years of age, I reckon that Reddy is at least 14 years old. She must have at least 7 kids but as far as we know, it seems 2 of them ( born in 2014 and 2015 respectively ) didn’t make it past 1 year of age, sadly.

Where are Reddy’s two kids born before Dopey ?

Dopey’s diseased sister born in 2015

Small-framed and mild-mannered, She doesn’t seem to partake in much combats nor reconnaissance missions. Being mid-ranking in the hierarchy she is very much your ordinary rhesus female found anywhere. Watching Reddy alone or with other grown-up is really quite a boring business as she just grooms either herself or others most of the time ( mind you, they spend about most of the afternoon just doing that – allo-grooming so that’s not something peculiar with Reddy ! )

Reddy keeps everyone in her household spotlessly clean. You will never see any dingle-berry on any of her kids at all !

I believe that Reddy, Dolly, Lizzy and Haggy are closely related. Reddy and Dolly are probably sisters.

As of June, 2020 I am quite certain that I have worked out who is who in Reddy’s family and that didn’t involve a lot of guesswork as we have witnessed the majority of them being born and raised by Reddy herself !

1.Berty ♀ born around 2010 ?

Reddy’s oldest daughter. She must be around 8 to 9 years old. She loves her baby siblings to pieces and is often seen begging Reddy to let her babysit them. She however could be quite clumsy with babysitting and once she nearly killed Dopey by taking him too high up a tree and nearly dropped him in the process ! Having said that, she’s really sweet and protective of all her baby siblings.

Poor Berty always wanted to nurse Dopey but she had never quite succeeded….

Dipsy isn’t impressed either with her offer to nurse….

She’s a bit heavy-handed no wonder she has never been popular with her own siblings !

Too bad she’s been sterilized otherwise she would have been a wonderful mother herself, having learnt the way properly with her mum Reddy.

2. Bobby β™‚ born around 2013

Reddy’s oldest known son. He is the most loving and tolerating brother out there. Big but mild-tempered, he had never been once mad with Dopey’s antics which sometimes could get to the nerves of even the most patient and loving one out there for him, his mum Reddy !

Dopey always ended up asking mum to back him up !

Dopey even manipulated others to turn them against his big brother !

Just like all other males, there comes a day when one has to leave. Bobby disappeared around the beginning of January in 2019 and has never been seen again.😒

Bobby’s time with his family was coming to an end soon…..

Goodbye, Bobby …..

3. A baby boy ✝😒 born in 2014

Not much is known about him. We knew he was around till late 2014.

4. A baby girl ✝😒 born in 2015

She was last spotted in Feb 2016.

5. Dopey β™‚ born in 2016

Mischievous Dopey, he’s the one that led me into this addictive mess, need I say more ? He has given us so much pleasure in the last 4 years !

The Wonder Years series is made possible because of him !

Dopey has gone just like his brother did before him…..

6. Dimpy ♀ born in 2018

Dopey’s little sister. She’s a lil sweetheart too !

Dimpy’s developmental milestones were normal compared to Dopey !

Dimpy just loves his brother Dipsy 😍

7. Dipsy β™‚ born in 2019

Dipsy is nothing like his brother Dopey ! He’s a good baby boy a mother ever hopes for ! No special care, no temper tantrum whatsoever with him !

Dipsy’s no late bloomer like Dopey !

Dipsy trumps his brother in perseverance !

Was that it for a tantrum ?

7 thoughts on “Reddy and her family”

  1. Aries Virgo says:

    Thanks for dedicating a page just for Reddy and family. I’ve been watching your videos since 2016 and always been on a look out for an update on your site. Greatly appreciate your works.

  2. Goldie Claar says:

    My husband and i check you tube everyday for new videos we have watched for a very long time We feel like we know those babies as well as you. You do a wonderful job educating and sharing Your sense of humor is awesome we loved the wonder years even though we had seen the videos putting them in dopeys perspective was brilliant. if ever I would fly monkey hill is where i would want to go

  3. Deborah Proutt says:

    My comment is actually a question. Do you still think that Reddy’s babies that didn’t make it to one year had a genetic disease? All her other babies seem to be fine. Thanks for your wonderful and informative videos!

  4. I accidentally found your page at the beginning of Covid-19 and it has been a blessing to me. I am trying hard to keep all the babies with the right moms. Thanks for all you do for the monkeys

  5. Michelle says:

    I ABSOLUTELY love your videos and I try to keep up with them when you update. I’ve been watching your YouTube channel for a couple years now and just love it πŸ₯°πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
    Thank you so much for such a tremendous job.
    Stay safe and well out there Arroz 😘πŸ₯°πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’žπŸ’ž

  6. GEORGINA CASE says:

    When I’m asked what I did during the long days/weeks/months of pandemic self-distancing, my response is, “I watched videos of monkeys on Monkey Hill, HK. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and learned a lot. Thank you.

  7. Tee M. says:

    I love your videos. I’ve learned a ton of info from watching them. I even learned or put together a lot that you don’t learn from nature channels and that’s all I watch. Lol. Reddy is by far my favorite mother and her kids are amazing. I was physically broken-hearted when Dopey had to leave the troop. I’ve been a loyal viewer for years and love meeting new babies. Keep it up.

    PS. One question though that kills me from curiosity. πŸ™‚
    Why don’t we get the pleasure of hearing you speak? I was so happy when narration came out.

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