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2020 babies2020 babies

Gerty ♀ RIP ✞

DOB: 02/05/20
Mother: Gaby
Father: likely to be Grandee

If there is ever a baby who could trump either Spunky or Spocky in the gymnastics department, it has to be Gerty. This girl could walk almost unaided only a few days old. She was pushing the boundary for what the norm is for a baby, at 1 week, 2 week and so forth and so on and breaking developmental milestones along the way until she was almost as big, agile and independent as a yearling by the time she had just turned 4 months old, a new achievement for any baby on record so far !

Wasn’t she big !?

Isn’t she amazing, beating those a lot older than her !

I was expecting to see Gerty for months and years to come but she unfortunately left us in late October, 2020, a victim of a traffic accident presumably.😢

A tribute to lil Gerty, her whole life playing in flashback….

Beany ♂ RIP ✞

DOB: 15/05/20
Mother: Dorty
Father: unknown

A loving grandmother normally bodes well for a baby, particularly if the former is high-ranking too. The infant mortality rate usually is lower for those with a high-ranking maternal family. But for lil Beany it was a total disaster for his grandmother, Dorothy, 3rd or 4th in command in the troop has become so obsessed with her own very grandson that she had resorted to kidnapping him from her own very daughter, Dorty, mother to Beany all the time. This is yet another case in point of what the sterilization program has wreaked havoc to the psyche of a female monkey again. Dorothy had her tubes nipped sometime in late winter 2016, and Buddy is her last born. She obviously has been missing the experience as a mother all this time.

Grandmother Dorothy was able to give milk to, so it must have added to lil Beany’s confusion as to who is his real mum !

Beany was last seen as a putrefying mess in mid June 😖. I suspected he fell to his death when Dorothy and Dorty were tussling for him high up in a tree.

Beany’s last appearance….

Spikey ♂

DOB: 20/05/20
Mother: Dolly
Father: unknown

Yet another boy from poor old Dolly again ! This is her eighth boy in a row ! Poor Dolly will only have her only daughter Marty left with her when all her boys get the boot in her old age.

All Dolly’s boys look pretty much alike, and Spikey is no exception.

Spikey – a close encounter, doesn’t he remind you of Pucky, Bocky, Spocky before him ?

Continuing the great tradition that all Dolly’s boys are early achiever Spikey has proven to be no exception to this. He would have been a star had Gerty hadn’t been born 😛

Spikey is good, but Gerty is just phenomenal !

Boppy ♂

DOB: 22/05/20
Mother: Bossy
Father: Grandee

My first impression of Bossy’s baby, Boppy was that – he was huge ! How the hell did Bossy manage to do so without requiring a caesarian ?

Boppy is as big as a 6 month old when he was born, I reckon 😱

And Boppy is just loved by all his older sisters, no less the rambunctious yearling Bubby ! But it did take much persuasion before mum Bossy would let any of her older daughters to be able to touch and stroke Boppy, let alone babysit him !

Bossy would not let anyone near her baby Boppy at all !

and Bubby is getting desperate ! All girls love a baby !

But Bossy obviously had finally got over the loss of Bossy Jr. 4 years previously, and she was happy to let Boppy play and explore around on his own more like a normal confident mum would with her baby. And when it came to weaning time, she was more than happy to pass him over to her daughter Bolly to babysit Boppy for her too !

Poor Boppy, his time was short with mum…..

Loky ♂

DOB: 03/06/20
Mother: Litty
Father: unknown

As grandson to Lancy, Loky also doesn’t get to be seen very often just like all Lancy’s kids. It seems each and everyone from Lancy’s clan is quite aversive to humans, and that also applies to her daughter Litty too, mother to baby Loky, and they all try to avoid a spying camera at all cost. As a result, we really don’t know much about Loky except he is still doing well and is still very much around as we speak.

My first encounter with Loky !

It’s very rare to get to see Loky as a result !

But there he is, finally !

Stanley ♂

DOB: 06/06/20
Mother: Stacy
Father: likely to be Taggy

Stanley is a fine-looking baby and he looks very much like his sister Starry though with a coat more auburn than dark.

Stanley was born on a rainy day, I reckon !

and like Loky, we just don’t have enough footage of this lil boy of Stacy as a newborn, and when he’s old enough to move about by himself I could only find him playing with others high up in trees. But as we speak, he is still doing well. Some babies just don’t get to be seen very often, and he is one of those.

Mum is with him up in a tree again !

But he is one of the cutest this year definitely !

Dinky ♂

DOB: 07/06/20
Mother: Reddy
Father: unknown

To be honest I was expecting Reddy to skip a year following Dipsy like she had done with Dopey before. It seems boys generally are more clingy and they wean a bit later than girls, so having a boy should make one less likely to conceive the following season as breastfeeding should delay ovulation. But I was wrong, Reddy did get pregnant just like all the other mothers did and gave birth to a healthy newborn, a lil boy, just about the same time as most other mothers did. So it does seem Dipsy wasn’t exceptionally difficult to wean like his brother Dopey. I supposed it’s hard to find another baby as special and difficult as Dopey again !

Dopey was never easy to wean, remember ?

And her new boy, Dinky really has a distinctive look to him, he just doesn’t look like any of Reddy’s other boys at all. His eyes are definitely more almond-shaped. Perhaps Reddy mated to someone from outside the troop

So there’s Dinky. Everyone is just so loving in Reddy’s family ❤️

And all boys we have seen so far in Reddy’s family are exceptionally clumsy at birth, and Dinky is no exception. It does seem all Reddy’s boys have exceptionally big feet that hinder their own movement.

Dinky surely isn’t going to win a baby race !

Dinky may not be as adorable as his older brothers Dopey and Dipsy but he certainly is more diplomatic than those two put together. He knows good manners from an very early age on !

Dinky is trying to say hello 😍

Kody ♂

DOB: 13/06/2020
Mother: Gypsy
Father: unknown

And so Gypsy gave birth just like clockwork again. She hasn’t missed a single year since 2016 in fact. A high-born ( think about Bossy ) doesn’t and we could understand, but for someone right at the bottom of the hierarchy like her…. something is definitely amiss in our current understanding of macaque societies.

Kody was born on one really windy day…

We all know how different Gypsy is to all the other mothers we have in our gang. But despite all her shortcomings, her kids all nearly survive, except lil Kailey :

I will always miss that lil girl…..

If Kailey’ unexpected departure has had any positive effect, it has to be for her lil brother that she would never know, for Gypsy seems more caring towards lil Kody than she has ever been to all her other kids before, including Kneely. She has been spotted more often with Kody, carrying and nursing him. She definitely is more accepting to his needs and she is using less of a babysitter, like Rudy’s service this time.

She actually wants Kody back !

and she actually is near Kody most of the time….

Oh well, Kody still has to get used to a babysitter from time to time…..

There is definitely a change in Gypsy this year….

And when it comes to weaning time, Kody hasn’t been seen to be wailing just as much for mum, and he definitely appears to be more confident on his own. He definitely isn’t getting plucked as much which means he isn’t nearly as desperate for the milk bar like his older siblings did at his age.

He definitely isn’t crying as much !

I think Kody will be doing just fine !

Azzy ♂

DOB: 18/06/20
Mother: Aggy
Father: Grandee

Remember, Aggy is always a maverick and an odd ball. She definitely adores boys more than girls, a break from the norm.

She’d rather play with Dopey than let her own daughter Aggy have milk !

And so after 3 girls, it’s her turn to have a boy – a boy named Azzy ( derived from Azalea ), to continue with the flower theme with naming her kids in the family.

Let’s meet Azzy 🌺

And I think most of the boys of 2020 are all sired by Grandee – it’s just an educated guess, but look at Azzy and Spikey – can you spot how much they look alike ?

Azzy and Spikey must be half-brothers !

But in the end, I think Aggy has figured out that a boy is just as demanding, if not more so than a girl sometimes, and I don’t think she has been extra-doting on her boy. The grass is greener on the other side, now I think she knows.

No, Aggy isn’t going to treat her boy any differently !

She loves them all equally, just the same !

and she will get tough with him when necessary !

Tazzy ♀

DOB: 20/06/20
Mother: Tabby
Father: unknown

And so it’s Tabby’s turn to show us what she had been baking all this time, but we only got a very brief glimpse the first time.

Tabby with Tazzy, her girl born in 2020.

And this has remained to be so with Tazzy for the rest of the year. It seems the frantic feeding happening in the latter half of 2020 has made Tabby more human-shy. I only get a glimpse of her every now and again. Suffice to say, she is doing well and is still around as we speak.

but she is a pretty petite girl with a dark coat, very different from her older sister, Tizzy !

Cathy ♀

DOB: 20/06/20
Mother: Lucy
Father: unknown

Lucy took a year off in 2019. And she gave us a girl this time, Cathy, lil sister to the two boys, Charly and Coffy born in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

That’s how I got to know Cathy the first time !

As Lizzy’s daughter, she also shies away from prying human eyes, very much like Litty in Lancy’s clan too, though a bit less so. From the few videos we have of her, you can see the striking family resemblance that runs in Lizzy, and her daughter Lucy’s family.

Yes, that’s Lucy with her family !

and Cathy looks very much like her late uncle, Mitty who left us at around 6 month’s old.

I very much miss Mitty, the silly Mexican jumping bean of 2019 !

Luffy ♂

DOB: 24/06/20
Mother: Lancy
Father: unknown

And so the second in command has finally given birth, again to a boy, Luffy.
We all know how secretive Lancy is and so it is not surprising we only have very few videos of her son Luffy.

There’s Luffy, indeed with her sister Litty and lil nephew, Loky too !

But he is a dark lanky kid, very much like his older brother, Lenny born in 2019 !

He is still around and doing well as we speak !

Sylvy ♀

DOB: 27/06/20
Mother: Sally
Father: unknown

So Sally has a girl in 2020 ! A pretty girl with an auburn coat too !

My first encounter with Sally’s girl, Sylvy !

As a girl, she probably also means much more to a lowly mum like Sally as a girl will get to stay and swell the ranks of her family. Strength lies in numbers for most macaques.

Isn’t she adorable ?

Sally’s status has gone south since Cocky, the previous alpha’s sudden and mysterious disappearance in mid 2018. She gets picked on by others, particularly Bolly, matriarch Bossy’s most trustful daughter all the time ! And when it comes to her daughter this year, she also gets a fare share of kidnapping too !

Poor Sylvy, but at least Bolly isn’t as rough as her sisiter, Dy is !

but She gets back to her mum eventually. Most such kidnappings are harmless in their society.

Didy ♂

DOB: 30/07/20
Mother: Ridgy
Father: unknown

Ridgy gave us Vivy and Fify in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Skipping a year in 2019 Honestly, she nearly rounded up the birthing season of 2020 with a boy, born just before August. I surely thought this boy would be our last baby this season in 2020.

There’s Ridgy, carrying a fluffy lil thing !

And this lil boy is called Didy. And he turns out to be very different from his toe older sisters – super-clingy and is very much obsessed with the milk bar all the time ! Ridgy definitely would much prefer a girl to a boy I think !

And there he is, Didy, what a dark lil thing he is 😍

He certainly doesn’t take no for an answer !

You have to give it to him for his tenacity !


DOB: 18/09/20
Mother: Tracy
Father: unknown

So here’s our last-born to wrap up the birthing season of 2020. A runt, our lil Tinky was born nearly 2 months late outside the normal birthing season, in mid-September ! This means he was only conceived sometime in early April – her mum Tracy, an old girl must have had her cycle all messed up as she approaches the end of her reproductive life. In fact we had a similar case back in 2018 with another oldie, Haggy. Her daughter that year, Nataly was also born in mid-September.

My first proper encounter of Didy ! His mum was still bleeding a bit then !

Tinky is just so much smaller than all his cousins !

Perhaps of his small size, he really stands out among the babies born in 2020. He seemed to have become Bolly’s obsession at some point in time…

No, don’t do it to Tinky !

No, don’t taunt poor Tracy !

and what a mayhem !

Thank god, Tinky is safe again !

It must have been Tinky’s most harrowing experience !

Bearing Tinky must have taken a huge toll on old girl Tracy for she was nearly bald after Tinky was born ! Fortunately we only had less than 2 weeks of a really cold winter in 2020 and early 2021, Tracy did manage to don a fluffy winter coat just in time !

Her mum still had large patches of bare skin before winter….

and we were getting a bit worried for her too !

But her coat did seem to begin to grow back….

It’s still cold, but not as unbearable for lil Tinky now as mum’s coat has nearly grown back !

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