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2020 babies2020 babies

2020 had been a rather difficult year to follow many of the troops due to the nearly year-long travel lock-down, and still in place as we speak from the corona virus pandemic. The easily accessible Monkey Hill has seen at least a 20-fold increase in visitor numbers all of a sudden, it was like most locals have suddenly discovered they have monkeys in their own very backyard ! And the accompanied feeding had been so uncontrolled and widespread that many bigger troops from neighbouring country parks have all been attracted to come to Monkey Hill to vie for the control of a section of Golden Hill Road. Small troops like Ragtag has been crowded out in the competition and instead of bumping into them every 2 weeks or so, sometimes they would be gone for several weeks before I could catch a glimpse of some of their members, and only briefly so too. Footage has been hard to come by as a result and most of the time it is too short to be meaningful πŸ˜” except for those mothers who are related to our gang through Taggy as they come tagging along our gang for the first few months during the birthing season every year with their newborns.

Even bigger troops like our gang have found it difficult to keep their foothold along Golden Hill Road !

Wilma ♀

DOB: 12 May 20
Mother: Wibby
Father: unknown

As usual Wibby brought her newborn daughter Wilma to tag along our gang for a good two months. A spunky and lively girl, she seemed to have got along well with every one in our gang !

Wilma is camera shy !

But she is a born gymnast just like Gerty !

Darin β™‚

DOB: 14 May 20
Mother: Dana
Father: unknown

Wibby learns to tag along our gang from her mum, Dana, so it is not surprising that we also got to see Dana’s son quite a few times with our gang too. Clumsy lil boy, he’s a joy to watch !

Dana is quite hands-off with her baby !

but he’s not as clumsy as you think !

Rena ♀

DOB: 21 May 20
Mother: Lubby
Father: unknown

After a run of 4 boys, Lubby has finally got a girl in 2020. A timid lil girl, Rena isn’t as bold as her older brothers, and she seems to be very attached to her mum !

Rena’s debut with us !

Was Lubby more doting on her lil girl ?

What a precious lil thing she is 😍

Rena vs Wilma πŸ˜†

Rena and Spikey !

Could she be Grandee’s daughter ?

Jax β™‚

DOB: 28 May 20
Mother: Annie
Father: unknown

Jax definitely looks different to all his older siblings. I think he is fathered by the new alpha, Andy.

Jax’s debut !

Aliza ♀

DOB: 02 June 20
Mother: Alma
Father: unknown

Aliza also looks a lot different from her older siblings but the difference isn’t as marked as that of Jax with his siblings. My guess is this lil girl is also fathered by Andy.

She has a longer, pointier face I think.

and she definitely refuses to help mum in a scam πŸ€ͺ

Dah β™‚

DOB: 04 June 20
Mother: Dasha
Father: unknown

Dasha finally has a boy, Dah.

Dah’s debut with us.

Della ♀

DOB: 05 June 20
Mother: Dama
Father: unknown

So Dama rounded up the birthing season with a lil girl, Della.

Della’s debut.

Dama is low-ranking like Gypsy in our gang ☹️

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