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2020 babies2020 babies

Löwina’s troop had 3 lovely new girls in 2020 !

They are just adorable, aren’t they ?


DOB: 15 May 20
Mother: Nona
Father: unknown

Nona was just past 5 years old when she became pregnant. I was expecting it as most female rhesus normally would have their menarche between the age of 4 to 5 and they would normally begin a bear a baby soon afterwards.

Fist time noticing Nona is baking something….

and her baby, a girl as finally arrived, already at least a few days old before I met her for the first time !

I would put Nona in the same league as Gerty !

and Nona loves her lil girl too much to use a babysitter at all !

but she finally has come to her senses…esp. with someone like Nova !

What a good girl Nova has turned out to be !


DOB: 20 May 20
Mother: Donna
Father: unknown

Another girl from Donna, she definitely is going to swell her ranks ! Despite her low-ranking, one would think twice before picking a fight with her !

Jodi’s debut 😍

I think she is trying to impress me !

and she is a cheeky look-alike of our Dopey !

and she doesn’t take shit just like Dopey too !

She definitely does remind me of Dopey 😊


DOB: 20 May 20
Mother: Pepper
Father: unknown

After a lil baby boy she had in 2019, mum Pepper followed it with a baby girl this time.

Presenting her new girl to the world !

Paprika is high-ranking so she seems to like to stick with Nova too !

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