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2020 babies2020 babies

Celena ♀ ✞ early May

DOB: 27 April 20
Mother: Nora
Father: unknown

This baby didn’t have a name until now. Her mum, for some reason, didn’t seem to want to care about this girl of hers from day 1. Was it another bout of post-natal depression causing this rejection ? Honestly we will never know. Lil baby girl was with us for a lil less than 3 weeks only. 😢

Nora appeared to be ok towards her new girl at first sight….

But something was definitely off….

Poor Celena, what’s wrong with Nora ?

Another sighting of Celena….

My last sighting of Celena. RIP lil girl…..


DOB: 27 April 20
Mother: Norma
Father: unknown

I am so glad that Norma has got a baby again as her last baby, a girl, Bethe didn’t live for more than 2 months… Unlike her sister, matriarch Nora, Norma is always a loving mother from day 1.

Lil Bree’s debut…..

and she is one hell of a baby !


DOB: 28 May 20
Mother: River
Father: unknown

I hadn’t noticed River before until she became a mother, probably for the very first time.

And I really didn’t know she was one of Nora’s troop to begin with !

Finally I could get to know the new baby just a lil bit better….

and mum River knows her stuff !

Unfortunately, River and baby Rain are really shy and we don’t get to see them often whenever I bump into Nora’s troop.

By the time I spotted him again for any length of time he’s already quite an older boy !


DOB: 28 May 20
Mother: Lock
Father: unknown

Another first-time mum like River, Lock must be closely related to River for the two look almost identical ! These two first-time mums had given me much confusion so much so I had once thought baby Rain was baby Lockie until I could tell the two babies apart from their genitals ! Thank god that one is a boy and the other is girl !

My first time meeting Lock and Lockie, and thought they were River and Rain instead !

And she was a biter ! Ouch, it must hurt for mum Lock !

and she is one of the cutest girls this year with her very light-colored eyes !


DOB: 20 June 20
Mother: Audrey
Father: unknown

Audrey’s new baby is a girl again, Aubrey !

Finally a better view of lil Aubrey !

A girl with a dark coat, unlike her sister Anica !


DOB: 27 June 20
Mother: Dora
Father: unknown

Dora has a girl this year too !

Finally a better view of lil Fiona !

A girl with an auburn coat, she definitely is !

She just looks so different from the rest !

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