View of the Himalayas from the 5,550 m high Chucking Ri

I love to travel, actually to be more specific I love backpacking in the mountains, preferably alone.

I love just to carry my backpack ( either a 30 L Karrimor or 45 L Deuter ) and spend days in the wilderness away from people.

Alone on the Way to cascade Saddle

I travel light and carry the absolute minimum to survive.

I don’t even carry a cell phone when I am in the mountains.

There’s no conquest. I’m only grateful that nature grants me the chance to see it.

It sounds crazy and I know it’s risky for the weather could change all of a sudden and I could put myself in danger as well as those who come to rescue me hence when I travel I usually leave no plan even for those people who know me so if the worst comes to the worst that I perish, I at least will do so in the mountains in some remote corners of the world without bothering anyone.

But I have the occasional animal company 🙂

Touch wood so far I haven’t come even close to anything like this.

But after spending years travelling and hiking some of the most beautiful mountains in the world I seem to remember very little of the places that I’ve visited, indeed everything seems so distant and alien when seeing them on photos again I begin to wonder whether I had actually visited them.

Memory is never indelible; it flows and goes….

I began to experiment with 360°panoramas quite a few years back and I think they do a better job in bringing back the memories. Don’t ask me why but I started to revisit places that I had been to before to ” immortalise ” them on such photos.

From Glacier Point

I haven’t really been able to catch up with all the places I’ve been to before but it’s a start at least and I have retraced almost all the mountains I had left footprints in South America.

Another excuse to try my favourite ceviche 🙂

Hopefully other mountains and places will soon follow.

I am now putting together all these photos together in one place so that other can enjoy the immersive experience such photos could evoke.

Hopefully the impression will last….

Sit back and enjoy either on your desktop or better still with a Google Cardboard or some more advanced virtual reality devices.

My workflow is slow but the followings will be featured as this website grows :

Everest circuit, Annapurna Circuit, Huayhuash Circuit, Alpamayo Circuit, Ausangate Circuit, Torres del Paine Circuit and many more.

Here’s just a selection of photospheres from my travels, if you are interested in where else I had been to check this link on my Google Map Page for a taste. There would be more to come once I find the time to publish more as I still have a thousand or so lying idle in my computer.