2018 babies ( Annie )

Seven babies were born this year ( WTF ! ) but only six of them would be followed and probably sparingly 🙁 This is a year to remember as Stumpy has finally sired a successor – Stompy !


Mother: Dana
DOB: around 12/04/2018
Father: unknown
Dana’s two previous babies didn’t survive – Damien ( born  in 2016 and spotted only once ) and another unnamed baby ( born in 2017 and seen so briefly that I never even knew whether it’s a boy or girl ). The family of Dana is still a mystery to me as she seems to have less allegiance with Ragtag than even Lubby has. She seems to come and go as she wishes and just like Lubby she must have a connection with Bossy’s troop as she’s tolerated over there to forage and feed alongside them, at least most of the time.

Dana’s story unraveled…

Daria’s older siblings that didn’t survive…..

The special relationship Dana has with Grandee…

Daria’s name was suggested by one of my viewers ( Picket Fence ) as the name carries a special story about a premature baby who finally made it in the neonatal ICU and so far the charm must have worked as not only is Daria alive and kicking as we speak she has pretty much been a bundle of energy since birth and she has been so advanced in every department that she has been wearing mum out ! So finally Dana’s baby seems to be thriving 🙂

Oh and welcome Daria….

and she’s going to be a catch !


Mother: Annie
DOB: around 01/06/2018
father: Batman the alpha male
Another boy for Annie ! She must be desperate for an heir ! Oh well Annie is always a good mum and takes much protection of her babies so just like her older kids in the past I don’t really get to see Jeff very much to tell his story….

My first encounter with Jeff…

Jeff still have to go through the same ordeal just like any other babies 🙂


Mother: Lubby
DOB: around 14/06/2018
Father: unknown
Another disappointment for Lubby as it’s another boy again so Lubby is not going to swell the ranks and improve her standing in either Ragtag or Bossy’s troop but what a remarkable boy he is – he’s not meek like Dubby and he’s more of a fighter than Dibby is.  Lubby will certainly see a boy who will love her and come to her defence, someone who will stand by her all the time, that is until the day he has to leave the troop…..

Baby Dobby making his debut

Oh he’s a darling isn’t he ?

He surely resents troop rules…

And he fights alongside his brother…

But what he excels in Lubby’s not going to appreciate it very much when it comes to time of weaning. Dobby certainly let his feeling be known and is not going to let go of the milk bar quietly !

And he’s not going to let go of milk easily !


Mother: Alma
DOB: around 15/06/2018
Father: likely to be Stumpy
Stumpy was the biggest surprise in 2018 – certainly it’s going to happen one day as I had seen him practice mating as early as early 2017 with a few older females but it was not until early June 2018 that I could tell with certainty that he was going to sire.

Stumpy grooming a heavily pregnant Alma…

And so Stumpy’s son was born and finally Stumpy has become a father. It’s a new chapter in life for him and what an accomplishment for him to begin life facing with so much hardship and got here at long last. He really earned it !

Many congratulations, Stumpy !

meet Stompy, son of Stumpy !

See the father-son resemblance !

I have yet to see Stumpy showering love to his boy like Grandee from Bossy’s troop does but I think such behaviour is learnt over the years and Stumpy will do the same when he’s older and a lot mellower. Still I had caught him defending Stompy once so there is that palpable favouritism he has for Stompy over other babies in Batman’s troop !

Stumpy coming to Stompy’s defence !

Alma is a very high-ranking female ( I think she is second in command ) so Stompy should have a easy life to start with ! Nice move Stumpy !


Mother: Dama
DOB: around 15/06/2018
Father: unknown
Sister to Dak, Dakota is the first female baby born to Ragtag troop since I’ve begun to take notice of them. Dakota seems to be a very advanced girl from the get go and I don’t really know too much of her as she’s always playing in the trees with her peers !

My first proper encounter with Dakota 🙂

and she just grows so fast !


Mother: Wibby
DOB: around 15/06/2018
Father: unknown
Willy is an odd ball like her mum Wibby who both seem to be comfortable at home with either Bossy’s troop or with Ragtag troop, and more so than either Dana and Lubby. It seems that she must be related to some high-ranking individuals in both troops !

Indeed Wibby’s first appearance did cause some confusion as she was spotted with Bossy’s troop first and it was not until later that I realized that Willy and his mum actually belong to Ragtag troop ! Not only are they tolerated by Bossy’s troop Willy sometimes could be seen going about his own business alone in Bossy’s troop ! ( Wibby probably is socializing somewhere with her friends or relatives in Bossy’s troop though ! )

Who do they really belong to ?

I have to say the presence of Wibby and Willy has opened my eyes to the complex society in these rhesus macaques and just like us they do visit relatives and friends from time to time. How fascinating the population dynamics they have there !

Wibby is a visitor welcomed in Bossy’s troop !

2017 babies ( Annie )

Four babies were born this year….


Mother: Dama
DOB: around 30/05/2017
Father: unknown
Dak is so named because his coat was darker than that of Al when the two were spotted on the same day. Mum Dama is a low ranking female and is always bullied by Al’s mum, Alma.

Dak’s debut – fresh from the oven !

Dak playing with Dibby….

Dak has grown to become a very healthy juvenile and his darker coat still stays with him. He however has become very vocal and would honk at any passers-by for food 🙁 Fortunately he doesn’t chase after passing vehicles for it..


Mother: Alma
DOB: around 30/05/2017
Father: unknown
Al got his name because he’s the fairer of the two boys ( himself and Dak ) born and spotted on the same day. Alma is the second-in-command to matriarch Annie and a very feisty one too. Before Stumpy was finally accepted as a member she would bully and chase him away, considering her slim and small frame she must be one hell of a fighter !

Al’s debut – also steaming hot from the oven !

Al at a bout 8 weeks old….

Al and his peers at around 9 months old….

Al inherits his high ranking from mum and is himself a little bully too. He has also picked up that habit of honking from Dak, and excels at doing it too !

Al has picked up a very bad and potentially dangerous habit….


Mother: Annie
DOB: around 12/06/2017
Father: unknown
Jake is an advanced lil guy like his brother Jack and as such I don’t really get to see him that often as he’s always playing high up in the trees 🙂

Jake spotted at about 5 weeks old….

Jake does look like his older brother Jack too !


Mother: Lubby
DOB: around 24/07/2017
Father: unknown
Dibby was surely the cutest babies in Annie’s troop that year. He was born with such a small face that made his eyes look disproportionally big in comparison.  He was small and clumsy at first but he soon picked up and become sure-footed in no time. He was a curious little guy and was on his way to explore the world around him when he was no longer glued to the milk bar – and that didn’t take long either !

Dibby’s debut….he’s just so tiny !

But that didn’t stop him from exploring !

and he is not timid like Dubby !

He seems to be  a little bully at times especially towards his bigger brother Dubby but then Dubby has always been a bit meek so he’s probably taking advantage of it only 🙂

But Dubby doesn’t mind a lil bully !

He is very attached to his mum so I feel sorry for him when he was left to his own devices when his brother Dobby was born. Fortunately he seems to have found a way to hang around with his mum and baby brother without getting the boot. It’s very heartwarming to see the three huddle together……

The loving mother, sons and brothers 🙂

Matriarch Bossy and her family

There are about 40 individuals in this medium-sized troop, excluding babies and juveniles. They are led by a matriarch and a few males who wield absolute power as they live in an unfortunately despotic society, a bit like the Chinese in communist China or Koreans in  North Korea.

NB: this page is still being updated as of Feb, 2019. The info will change in due course to reflect my latest understanding of this troop ….


The matriarch is Bossy , she is strong, big and bossy and a real daredevil. she is fair in disciplinary matters as far as macaques are concerned. She would readily lash out at anyone who try to come too near to her troop members, particularly the juveniles and the babies ( she did try to bite me when I was so tempted to pet her daughter Bolly  then ) . At times she would intervene if a baby is being neglected by their mother. She is over 15 years old in my opinion ( in the wild macaques could live up to 20 to 25 years at most ) and has many offspring.

Bossy, the strong matriarch with a body to match her reputation !

But too daring sometimes for her and her baby’s own good….

and she calls the shots when her baby gets to nurse

and she teaches her kids the know-how to survive during lean times…

As of 2019 I am quite certain that the following individuals are Bossy’s children over the years:

1. Bry

Eldest daughter of Bossy she must be around 10-11 years old ! She usually play a large part in babysitting Bossy’s newborns.

When Bossy wasn’t nursing Bossy Jr. was seen mostly with Bry

2. Dy

9-10 years old she really takes after Bossy, especially her build. Big-boned, muscular she could be taken to be a male ! She doesn’t bother much with babysitting and she seems to have a role to play as the ” brat ” squad sometimes to help too indulgent mum from spoiling a baby into a milk brat 🙂 or she’s just doing it as she’s craving for a baby !

Dy at her most vicious….

but I don’t think she really loves babysitting that much…

3. Brody

6-7 years old. He was mistaken to be Barry initially but on further inspection he obviously is a much older male. It will be another year or two before he will reach adulthood ( for males, the average age to become sexually mature is around 8 years old ) but for now he seems to be tolerated to hang around with his native troop in the periphery. He obviously still loves his family and hence he was seen caring for Bessy too ! Bless him 🙂

That’s Brody, not Barry !

4. Bolly

5-6 years old she really is of matriarch material – smart,feisty and agile. She currently is responsible for babysitting Bessy and Bucky since her oldest sister Bry has fallen out of Bossy’s favor as Bossy Jr disappeared ( presumed dead 😢 ) under her watch….

She was mistaken with Bobby, Reddy’s older son early on..😂

5. Barry

4-5 years old he should be about to leave the troop and hang around in the periphery like his older brother Brody. He came to my notice as one of the loving brothers who took care of Bessy when she was injured 🙂 I named him Barry at first but in subsequent videos somehow I remembered him as Bally, my bad 😂

From left to right – Bry, Dy and barry…

6. Bossy Jr.

She would have been 2 and half years old had she lived. RIP Bossy Jr who disappeared sometime in mid-Feb in 2017 🙁

Bye bye Bossy Jr ….😭

7. Bessy

Youngest daughter of Bossy, born in 2017 🙂

Bessy’s debut with mum !

8. Bucky

Youngest son of Bossy, born in 2018 🙂

First hard lesson for lil Bucky 😂

There are probably more as we know a son would leave eventually when he reaches adulthood.

Bossy might appear to be mean sometimes but there’s a reason behind it in my opinion ….

The passing of Bossy Jr. must have something to do with it….

This is a very close-knitted family ( in fact they all are there, even Gypsy’s  ) and they look after one and other just like we do ( and probably more so than some of us ! ). When Bessy was injured back in Aug 2018 Bossy’s kids all took turns to carry her around and protect her 😇 !  You could pick at Bossy for all her faults but she clearly has raised some very good kids and instilled into them some good old values.

Thanks to their help Bessy had managed to pull through a potential life-threatening injury….

Bossy’s kids ( except Brody he’s probably out there somewhere on his own😢) huddling up to mum in winter…

2016 babies ( Annie )

Annie’s the matriarch of this small troop which only had less than a dozen members to start all with but in time you’ll see it grows…..
There were 2 newborns in this troop in 2016 – oh well one in reality as one of the newborn belongs to Lubby whose allegiance is questionable…..
I have to confess at that time I only knew about this troop because I was following Stumpy…


Mother: Annie
DOB: around 15/06/2016
Father: Batman the alpha male
There’s very little footage of Jack as my attention then was of Baty and Dopey from Bossy’s troop and I have to confess I didn’t like Annie at that time ( and I didn’t really care much for Jack either 🙁 ) as she was rather mean towards Stumpy who was trying to get accepted into her troop…

Jack wasn’t getting much of limelight in those days..

Jack between 5-6 months old…

Jack at about 2 years old….


Mother: Lubby
DOB: around 30/07/2016
Father: unknown
I love Dubby.

The bond between Dubby and Lubby is one of the most beautiful out there….

I always feel sorry for him as mum Lubby couldn’t give him all the time and attention that most newborn would take for granted 🙁 Being the son of a drifter mum he was always left alone, hiding up in some treetops while waiting for mum to come back for him. Lubby had no choice then as she had to forage to make ends meet and unfortunately most food was found near the bigger troops during feeding time and she was not exactly welcome to come and pick her share. She had to wait for a chance to grab and run, risking herself in the process. I therefore totally sympathize her circumstances to leave Dubby behind as it was safer to go about without Dubby tagging along with her. I just hope he had an aunt who could babysit him while mum was away 🙁

Poor Dubby security is what matters most to a baby….

Life as drifters isn’t great….

Lubby was dithering between Annie’s troop and Bossy’s troop then and was switching her allegiance from time to time. I suppose she was partially to blame for the situation she put herself and unfortunately her kids into. I think deep down she has always preferred to be with Bossy’s troop and most of the mothers there were indifferent to her presence and had no qualms whatsoever letting Dubby to mingle and play with their babies. But it didn’t work out as Gypsy was openly hostile to her and would chase her away whenever she saw her around. In the end Lubby settled for Annie’s troop though half-heartedly only. Dubby had no choice but to go along with Lubby’s decision. He has since settled in but he always look very lonely and out of place there. Poor Dubby…..

Lubby’s various attempts to get accepted into Bossy’s troop…

Dubby playing with his peers in Bossy’s troop….

Dubby nowadays….

2018 babies ( Löwina )

Thank god they only have two newborns this year !

Fözzina aka Fözzi♀

Mother: Löwina
DOB: around 21/05/2018
Father: Leo
Fözzi was so named as she’s got really fuzzy baby fur when she was born especially on her ears 🙂

Her ears are so fuzzy 🙂

Fözzi’s debut 🙂

Sister to Flöffi born the year previously and the newest heir to the throne she is again expected to become independent as soon as possible by her matriarch mum Löwina. We again see her getting weaned early and she is among the first few of this year’s babies to be acting so independently at such young age. She doesn’t seem to get much piggybacking from mum at all 🙂

Sorry Fözzi but there’s a lot to be expected from you….

Her relationship with Flöffi again resembles that between Noe and Nona and it is always a joy to watch them interact with each other 🙂

Noe and Nona, Fözzi and Flöffi 🙂

Her best friend is Demi, born 3 weeks after her. These two babies are adorable when they huddle and lip-smacking at each other as though they are gossiping how horrible life is when milk is being cut back by their mums !

Fözzi ( left ) and Demi ( right) are so cute together 🙂


Mother: Donna
DOB: around 14/06/2018
Father: unknown
Unlike her sister Danni’s almost pitch-black coat, Demi has a light auburn one but apart from the colours the two look alike as they both have such a cute and beautiful face with their almost trademark-like beautiful big round eyes, a trait they both inherit from their mum Donna 🙂

Demi’s debut 🙂

Demi is just so cute 🙂

Again Demi is also camera-shy and it is rare to catch her 🙁

Demi and Fözzi huddle up !

2017 babies ( Löwina )

Poor Löwina has been around for a long time and before I began 3 years ago to follow and video the monkeys regularly I see on my weekly hike I had already known about the existence of this poorly abused matriarch for a while. However I didn’t begin to include this troop in my list to follow until later in 2017 hence the list goes only as far back as 2017….


Mother: Nana
DOB: around 06/05/2017
Father: unknown
Noe was the very first baby born in 2017 and because he was so cute ( he still is ) I decided to follow his progress when I can and one thing led to another and so in the end I ended up following all their babies born that year in 2017 LOL ! Fortunately Löwina’s troop is small and is not very prolific otherwise I would have regretted that decision to put them on my radar screen !

Noe’s debut 🙂

Noe’s so cute resting on mum….

What makes Noe a joy to watch, apart from the loving interactions he has with his mum is his love-hate relationship he has with his sister Nona ( previously known as Olivia ), born probably back in 2015. The two love to tease each other and their shenanigans always put a grin on my face 🙂

Noe with his sister Nona in the foreground…

We’ve met Nona before as a baby….

Noe and Nona are friends and enemies at the same time 🙂

Flöffina aka Flöffi♀

Mother: Löwina
DOB: around 10/07/2017
Father: Leo, the alpha male
Flöffina is so named because of her fluffy tail which resembles a squirrel’s 🙂 This fluffy tail is a trait she likely inherits from her father Leo who has one too !

Look she has a really fluffy tail !

Despite being an heir to the throne Flöffi was never pampered by her matriarch mum and was never allowed to have access to milk round the clock. In fact she was weaned quite early on and was aunted ( babysat ) most of the time. It seems as though Löwina does expect her daughters to be independent asap so as to prepare them to lead the troop in case she isn’t around anymore ! Perhaps her injury from animal abuse had had a part to play with her seemingly harsh attitude towards her babies….

while older Noe could still nurse at will Flöffi was getting a taste of aunting….


Mother: Donna
DOB: around 14/07/2017
Father: unknown
Danni was one of the cutest babies born in 2017 ! She caught my eye immediately as she looked so much like baby Dopey minus the clumsiness though 🙂 Being the daughter of a low-ranking female she never likes to be noticed and shuns the limelight all the time 🙁 But I respect that and I always try to zoom in so as not to upset her at all.

Danni’s beautiful dark round eyes….

2018 babies ( Nora )

There were 4 babies born to Nora’s troop in 2018 of which 3 have been followed…


Mother: Nora
DOB: around 15/04/18
Father: Bruce the alpha male
Brother to the late Cessa ( RIP 🙁 ) Nick at first seemed to fare a similar fate with mum Nora at least on our very first encounter – Nora’s was a bit cold towards Nick again, handled him roughly and ignoring his call from time to time, much to my dismay 🙁 Fortunately she warmed up to him almost a moment later and it really does seem that Nora’s mood swings quickly !

My first encounter with Nick….

and he’s not going to follow Cessa’s fate….

Nick’s hitting normal developmental milestones…

He has progressed normally since and there hasn’t been any setback at all with him – though he does seem to get on mum’s nerves from time to time, just like all boys do !


Mother: Norma
DOB: around 01/06/18
Father: Unknown
Norma is her mum and is so named as it looks very likely that she is an older sister of Nora ! Norma’s baby girl has an unusually wide forehead and very wide set eyes, slanted too that give her a very unique look – some may consider her ugly but I really think she looks cute and reminds me of Betty Boop !

I just look different !

Remember ” The Ugly Duckling ” ?

That’s how I first met Bette 🙂

She seems to be quite a demanding girl and is having a hard time to wean but Norma seems to be a very patient mum and just like her other girl born last year she should have no problem getting Bette weaned when the time comes. Some mums are just more tolerant but they would still get the job done at the end !

She won’t give up on the milk bar easily !


Mother: Estel
DOB: around 01/06/18
Father: Unknown
Essie just can’t be ignored – she photobombed me each time I was filming either Bette or Nick for telling me never to ignore her ! So I have relented and decided to include her in my list of babies to follow too ! Whether she will find fame I don’t know but now everyone knows her as the baby who gives stink-eye to Arroz every time !

Essie: ” Back away ! “

Essie:” Don’t just film my friends ! “

when Essie isn’t giving me the stink eye 🙂

That’s how she came to my notice 🙂

2017 babies ( Nora )


Mother: Edith
DOB: around 01/05/2017
Father: unknown
Eddie’s bright auburn coat was unmissable and indeed that’s how I first noticed that there was a newborn in Nora’s troop. His mother is the sweet old Edith and she’s easily recognisable by her rather prominent hypogastric hernia which didn’t seem to affect her at all.

That’s me with my mum Edith 🙂

See my mum has that bulge below her belly button 🙂

Ah ! that’s my debut ! Wasn’t I adorable !

An experienced mum obviously Eddie’s babyhood was quite unremarkable and he just thrives and grows like all the other babies have done before him 🙂


Mother: Nora
DOB: around 03/05/2017
Father: Bruce, the alpha male
Nora was very sweet and pampering towards Vince born the year before and so it was quite a shock to me to see how rough and indifferent she was towards Cessa, her new and first daughter born in 2017. It’s really the first time that I saw a rhesus mother almost bordering on to cruelty the way she treated her newborn – she would ignore her call, and she couldn’t even care to carry her newborn who could hardly crawl let alone walk by roughly dragging her along the ground, it was just heartbreaking 🙁 The only saving grace was that Nan the great caring aunt was around to say a stop to it and help lil Cessa out from time to time when she needed someone to hold onto….

Nora pinning, dragging Cessa initially….

Nora obviously wasn’t really that caring to say the least…

Nora is a very new matriarch and I think she’s probably just a year older than Aggy in Bossy’s troop ( who was only around 4 to 5 years old ) and as such it seemed like she had a hard time again becoming a mother again, perhaps the novelty of having a baby was gone and she couldn’t care less about Cessa ( even though she was a more valuable daughter ) and treated her like an afterthought at least initially.

She just didn’t seem to like the idea of becoming a mother again….

I was worrying about Cessa but fortunately Nora did finally warm up to her new baby girl after a week or two and began to take to her well. But it was still hard not to cringe the way she carried Cessa around – like casually slinging an accessory to her side, not properly like all rhesus mother do ventrally. It was quite precarious to watch how Cessa was trying to hold onto mum without loosing her grip.

At long last, Nora was motherly and baby Cessa seemed like she was really cared for !

Anyway apart from that rather worrisome quirk Nora was caring for her baby like many others do. In due cause Cessa just reached her developmental milestones like all other babies do – she began to walk gingerly, then was running around and began to climb and play with her brother Vince and her only peer in the troop Eddie.

Cessa was a happy curious lil baby 🙂

Everything seemed hunky-dory until the day she just disappeared off the radar screen – by about early July it was evident she’s gone forever. We’ll never know what happened precisely but my guess is that Cessa died in a fall – Nora got really carried away by her novel way of carrying a newborn around… accident does happen but it was just so tragic that it happened to a cute baby like Cessa and needlessly so too….

Cessa didn’t turn up and mum was behaving strangely 🙁

Bye bye RIP Cessa…..

Things finally did look up for Cessa…

Mum was taking to her….

Cessa was a sweet baby…..

A beaming happy baby girl….

And that’s how I’d like to remember you…

2016 babies ( Nora )

Nora’s troop is one of the lesser troops I occasionally follow.


Mother: Nora
DOB: around 25/04/2016
Father: likely Bruce the alpha male
I first met him not long after he was born and on seeing how he was loved and pampered by all the females in his troop I coined him the moniker ” Lil Prince “.

My very first encounter with Vince….

The second time I met him with his troop I had a better understanding of who’s who 🙂

As time went by I began to realize that he’s the son of the matriarch, Nora and that what appeared to be his nanny was in fact just an older senior female, now we called Nan ( instead of Granny as that name has been taken by the geriatric one-eyed female who always accompanies Aggy in Bossy’s troop ).

To conform to the nomenclature Lil Prince is now known as Vince. He’s a funny lil one I wish I had followed him more regularly !

Vince is a chunky baby too !

2018 babies ( SH )

This year two babies were on my radar…


Mother: Tina
DOB: around 22/07/2018
Father: unknown
I had originally thought Tina would skip a year with any birth given how low-ranking she was and that she never could find enough food for herself let alone another new mouth to feed. But by late June it was pretty clear to me that she was expecting and just before the end of July we had a new baby, Tibbin brother to Tiny.

My first encounter with Tibbin….

From the get go Tibbin seemed to be another late bloomer – he was slow with every developmental milestone and he wasn’t walking until he’s at least a good 6 weeks old and only sparingly. Something wasn’t right with him and it seems whatever plagued Tiny was affecting him too….too bad he didn’t have that tenacity streak that Tiny has. He hadn’t been seen since mid October and was presumed dead. RIP sweet lil baby 🙁

Tibbin just wasn’t active….

Tina was trying hard to feed those two…

last episode when he was seen alive…

RIP sweet lil Tibbin….


Mother: Skinny
DOB: unknown
Father: unknown
Skimpy came to my notice because of how thin and poorly her mum is – when everyone dons thick winter pelage she is still  in her rather shabby summer coat. She must find it hard to keep herself and baby warm…. Yet despite her apparent hardship she is a very loving and indulging mother and Skimpy must be fed adequately as she is of normal size and just as energetic and curiously happy like all her peers are !

Poor Skinny but she loves and cares for her baby daughter !