2019 babies ( bossy )


DOB: 14/04/19
Mother: Dolly
Father : Likely to be Bleary

Most newborns usually arrive between the months May and June and a few in exceptional cases at the earliest by the end of April ( for your reference Bocky’s birthday is 27th April, that of Spocky is 5th May, Baty is also 5th May ) it is very unusual for a baby to come in the middle of April which would imply that Dolly was pregnant with Pucky before most of the males had even gone into heat ! Hallelujah !) My suspicion is that Pucky was born at least 10-14 days preterm that is he was a preemie ! he was never active like other newborns I have seen in the past, he was just nursing almost non-stop and never had I seen him for once showing much interest to his surroundings. In fact my very few brief glimpses of him left me with the impression that he wasn’t well at all. Pucky is Dolly’s sixth baby, and a boy again in a row and since her obstetric record probably began well before I arrived at the scene I suspect that Pucky could easily be her 9th or 10th baby and it is quite conceivable that she is beginning to run into trouble with each pregnancy at her advanced age. Let’s hope it’s nothing more serious than a preterm baby next time !

Pucky just wasn’t as alert and active….

But Dolly’s such a good patient mum she just let Pucky nurse almost continuously for at least the first 2 weeks of his life and was always seen carrying him wherever she went. He was never left alone and I think her sheer dedication had overcome the odds. After 2 weeks Pucky definitely has perked up and by the third week he’s almost like a normal baby, inquisitive, daring and is beginning to walk and run as we speak ! Well done Dolly !

But he’s steadily getting there….

I think by the 3rd week the odds are in his favour….

Lolly ♀

DOB: 01 May 2019
Mother: Litty, daughter of Lancy
Father: Unknown

Born just over 2 weeks after Pucky, this baby girl is the second baby to be born to Bossy’s troop this year. Her mother is one of the older daughters of Lancy and that makes this baby girl possibly Lancy’s first grand daughter.

Lancy’s daughter is very protective of her new baby girl 🙂

As a first-time mum, she has her mum Lancy at hand all the time !

The first I met this baby 🙂

Just Like Lancy her daughter is a very private person and does not like the limelight at all. It’s been rather difficult to film much of her but when I do, I am always happily surprised by how cute this baby girl is ! She looks a bit like Gingy to be honest so I suspect they both have the same father. IT really is down to these three : Grandee, Bleary and Taggy ( baby was born in May so the conception date was sometime around December last year when Taggy hadn’t had the nip yet ! )

Like her mum Lancy she also keeps a very low profile …..

Lenny ♂

DOB: 19 May 2019
Mother: Lancy
Father: Unknown

The third baby born this year and a welcome addition to the family of Lancy who had lost 2 babies in the last 3 years ( Lany in 2016 and Lacy in the beginning of 2019 ). Lancy is a very good and protective mum so it has come to me as a shock when she lost Lacy earlier this year as there was nothing untoward about Lacy that I could notice, a healthy and very sensible girl indeed. Lancy never allows her kids to chase passing vehicles for goodies nor does she trust humans enough to go and beg from them. It really is a mystery to me how Lacy had disappeared, perhaps a fall just like what killed her late sister Lanly ? Anyway I hope Lenny would fare better and grow to become like his brother Larry, a fit and strong boy !

He’s only about a day old when I first met him 🙂

Bon appétit ! Lenny certainly has a good grip !

He is always well protected by mum Lancy !

Bubby ♀

DOB: 20 May 2019
Mother: Bossy
Father: very likely to be Grandee ( just look at her upper lip 😛 )

The fifth baby born this season but she came as no surprise to me as her mother Bossy is the matriarch of the troop and is supposed to bear the troop a baby every year. She does however look very different from all her other siblings – Bucky, Bessy etc., as her father is now Grandee, the new alpha male who succeeded to the throne following Cocky’s disappearance last summer, presumably dead. So to Bucky etc., Bubby is their half-sister and she marks the beginning of Grandee’s reign.

Oh yes ! she has replaced Bessy to be the second highest ranking female in the troop !

This is Bucky when he was about a week old. He does look more like Cocky, doesn’t he ?

I love Bubby’s face, Grandee’s genes seems to have amplified there – just look at her prominent philtrum and you will see the resemblance ! Will she grow up to look more like Grandee or Bossy ? We will just have to wait and see but I bet she will have a long snout just like Grandee when she grows up. She is going to bite and is going to be quite fearsome that is for sure !

That notch can’t be mistaken ! She’s Grandee’s girl !

She’s a bubbly lil girl too 🙂

Mum Bossy still keeps a tight rein on her little girl so far but I think she is letting up a bit. She really needs to get back to the confident mother she once was before Bossy Junior’s disappearance in early 2017 !

Bossy is going to find her match !


DOB: 30 May 2019
Mother: Gypsy
Father: unknown

This is Gypsy’s fourth baby in a row and for a low-ranking member she’s doing exceptionally well so far swelling her ranks. Gypsy is truly one of the most prolific females there and seeing how she seems to be trying to make ends meet all the time I am not sure how she is physiologically possible to go into oestrous every year ! Even high ranking, well-nourished females like Ridgy, Stacy choose to skip a year from time to time !

Kailey’s first proper debut 🙂

Gypsy seems to be getting more loving since Kneely, her girl born last year. So far she doesn’t seem to be neglecting Kailey at all and is nursing her all the time. Let’s hope she will stay like this.

Oh yes, I think Kailey is bonding with mum ok !

Touch wood let’s hope Gypsy will stay like this for lil Kailey !


DOB: 01 June 2019
Mother: Lizzy
Father: unknown

Lizzy took a year off and came back in June this year with a healthy boy. This baby boy seems like a spitting image of her older boy, Mickey born 3 years ago in 2016. I suspect these two boys have the same father too.

Mitty is a spitting image of his older brother, Mickey for sure !

Lizzy is a very good mum and she never resorts to any aunts to babysit her babies. She is also quite indulgent and I remember her letting Milly nurse until she was nearly 2 years old. But her kids are never brats and I haven’t seen any of them throwing any tantrum so far. I think she just knows how to handle her kids well and her kids know where the line is drawn.

Mitty’s first proper debut with us 🙂

Mitty so far seems to have beaten his older brother in the motor skill department. This boys seems to be running the moment Lizzy sets his feet on ground !

Lil Mitty really could run !


DOB: 04 June 2019
Mother: Sally
Father: very likely to be Grandee, just look at his mouth !

The moment I saw Scooby I knew he was Grandee’s baby. Not even Spocky, the unmistaken son of Grandee could beat him in the likeness department. With Cocky, the previous alpha male gone, Sally who once enjoyed a lot of perks as his most favoured female has lost a lot of her privileges since in the troop. She has been constantly bullied by Bossy’s family ever since Cocky had disappeared last summer. I suppose there was some deep-seated rivalry between the two as Bossy, being the matriarch could not tolerate a lower ranking female sharing Cocky’s attentions with her.

Cocky, the old alpha, disappeared in summer last year and is presumed dead 🙁

Garndee, the second in command has now become the alpha in Bossy’s troop.

Sally has been lying low ever since and I guess she has realized her only way of staging a comeback is to become engaged with Grandee, the new alpha romantically. Bearing his baby is probably the easiest way to claw back some of her lost power in the troop. We will see whether her plan works though.

Bossy is petty and unforgiving. But she is one damn good matriarch though upholding the rules that everyone obeys.

Hi there, my name is Scooby !

Scooby is just one funny-looking baby, he’s definitely not the cutest of all Sally’s kids but I think he is still adorable. What do you think ?

Scooby’s debut. He has his dad’s features, hasn’t he ?


DOB: 09 June 2019
Mother: Tabby
Father: unknown

Another baby needing high maintenance from mum ! Tiddy is just like his sister Tizzy who can never leave mum alone and is crying for her attention all the time ! Tiddy looks exactly like Tizzy so I gather they both have the same dad.

My first encounter with Tiddy. I wasn’t quite sure whether it was a boy or a girl then.

And he’s a lil bully too !

and Tiddy surely didn’t take “no” well 🙂

He is so loud he has managed to foil an interloper male’s chance of a quickie !


DOB: 13 June 2019
Mother: Aggy
Father: Grandee

I am pretty sure that Aggy’s new baby is Grandee’s daughter as she, like her sister Poppy and half-sisters Vivy and Fify are just naturally drawn to him from the get-go !

She was born on the same day as Dipsy !

We don’t get to see Rosy as much until later in the year when weaning begins in earnest and And we’ll soon see that she is in the same league as Tiddy as one of the hardest babies to wean 🙂


DOB: 13 June 2019
Mother: Reddy
Father: unknown

Everyone’s been waiting for Reddy’s baby and her latest addition hasn’t disappointed so far, in fact I would say he is the cutest of the lots born in 2019. Reddy is more at ease showing Dipsy to the world and we get to see Dipsy a lot more than his sister Dimpy whom Reddy was very protective of and often hide with her in the trees or up on a cliff away from humans. He may not be as clumsy and cute as his big brother Dopey was but then who could beat him as Dopey is truly in a class of his own !

I was fortunate to catch him shortly after he was born !

and his baby shit is cute-looking too ! ( ok I am biased here 😝 )

and he could walk quite early on, unlike his brother Dopey who couldn’t walk properly until he’s about 8 weeks old !

and not only could he walk quite early on he did it like in a marathon too !

He’s just so adorable, aunt Tammy just couldn’t leave him alone !

and you could tell he’s much loved by everyone, not least by his sister Dimpy !


DOB: 20 June 2019
Mother: Stacy
Father: unknown

Starry was so named as she has the prettiest eyes of any babies born in 2019. They had a tinge of blue to begin with but soon they became more greyish in colour. Like all Stacy’s babies she is one healthy and lively lil girl !

Starry was born almost a week after Dipsy and Rosy and I had thought then that she was the last baby of 2019 !

She was one pretty girl with those eyes !


DOB: 27 June 2019
Mother: Spanky
Father: unknown

The last baby born in 2019 – Sparky really caught me by surprise as I didn’t even know that her mum Spanky was even pregnant all along ! She has inherited her aunt Spunky’s genes and is definitely the most advanced baby of all babies born in Monkey Hill since documentation began in 2016 ! she didn’t even need to take her first step gingerly at all. All the wiring in her motor system was good to go from the get go ! She was unstoppable !

The day she was born ! What a itsy-bitsy baby she was then !

First time mum Spanky finally had her wish granted !

I bet Spanky regretted to have gone into heat 6 months earlier 😜

Matriarch Bossy and her family

There are about 40 individuals in this medium-sized troop, excluding babies and juveniles. They are led by a matriarch and a few males who wield absolute power as they live in an unfortunately despotic society, a bit like the Chinese in communist China or Koreans in  North Korea.

NB: this page is still being updated as of Feb, 2019. The info will change in due course to reflect my latest understanding of this troop ….


The matriarch is Bossy , she is strong, big and bossy and a real daredevil. she is fair in disciplinary matters as far as macaques are concerned. She would readily lash out at anyone who try to come too near to her troop members, particularly the juveniles and the babies ( she did try to bite me when I was so tempted to pet her daughter Bolly  then ) . At times she would intervene if a baby is being neglected by their mother. She is over 15 years old in my opinion ( in the wild macaques could live up to 20 to 25 years at most ) and has many offspring.

Bossy, the strong matriarch with a body to match her reputation !

But too daring sometimes for her and her baby’s own good….

Her kids have all learnt after her…..

and she calls the shots when her baby gets to nurse

and she teaches her kids the know-how to survive during lean times…

As of 2019 I am quite certain that the following individuals are Bossy’s children over the years:

1. Bry ♀  born around 2010 ?

Eldest daughter of Bossy she must be around 10-11 years old ! She usually play a large part in babysitting Bossy’s newborns.

When Bossy wasn’t nursing Bossy Jr. was seen mostly with Bry

2. Brody born around 2011 ?

6-7 years old. He was mistaken to be Barry initially but on further inspection he obviously is a much older male. It will be another year or two before he will reach adulthood ( for males, the average age to become sexually mature is around 8 years old ) but for now he seems to be tolerated to hang around with his native troop in the periphery. He obviously still loves his family and hence he was seen caring for Bessy too ! Bless him 🙂

That’s Brody, not Barry !

3. Dy ♀ born around 2012 ?

9-10 years old she really takes after Bossy, especially her build. Big-boned, muscular she could be taken to be a male ! She doesn’t bother much with babysitting and she seems to have a role to play as the ” brat ” squad sometimes to help too indulgent mum from spoiling a baby into a milk brat 🙂 or she’s just doing it as she’s craving for a baby !

Dy at her most vicious….

but I don’t think she really loves babysitting that much…

4. Bolly ♀ born in 2013

5-6 years old she really is of matriarch material – smart,feisty and agile. She currently is responsible for babysitting Bessy and Bucky since her oldest sister Bry has fallen out of Bossy’s favor as Bossy Jr disappeared ( presumed dead 😢 ) under her watch….

She was mistaken with Bobby, Reddy’s older son early on..😂

5. Barry ♂ born around 2014

4-5 years old he should be about to leave the troop and hang around in the periphery like his older brother Brody. He came to my notice as one of the loving brothers who took care of Bessy when she was injured 🙂 I named him Barry at first but in subsequent videos somehow I remembered him as Bally, my bad 😂

From left to right – Bry, Dy and barry…

6. Barney ♂ Born in 2015

He must have just turned 5 ( as of 2019 ) and is trying to throw his weight around in everything. I am not sure when he will leave but it seems that these sons of Bossy do enjoy special rights and are allowed to stay much long in their native troop.

He is becoming a trouble-maker !

7. Bossy Jr. ♀ born in 2016

She would have been 2 and half years old had she lived. RIP Bossy Jr who disappeared sometime in mid-Feb in 2017 🙁

Bye bye Bossy Jr ….😭

8. Bessy ♀ born in 2017

Youngest daughter of Bossy, born in 2017 🙂

Bessy’s debut with mum !

9. Bucky ♂ born in 2018

Youngest son of Bossy, born in 2018 🙂

First hard lesson for lil Bucky 😂

There are probably more as we know a son would leave eventually when he reaches adulthood.

Bossy might appear to be mean sometimes but there’s a reason behind it in my opinion ….

The passing of Bossy Jr. must have something to do with it….

This is a very close-knitted family ( in fact they all are there, even Gypsy’s  ) and they look after one and other just like we do ( and probably more so than some of us ! ). When Bessy was injured back in Aug 2018 Bossy’s kids all took turns to carry her around and protect her 😇 !  You could pick at Bossy for all her faults but she clearly has raised some very good kids and instilled into them some good old values.

Thanks to their help Bessy had managed to pull through a potential life-threatening injury….

Bossy’s kids ( except Brody he’s probably out there somewhere on his own😢) huddling up to mum in winter…

10. Bubby ♀ born in 2019

Bubby is the first child between Bossy and Grandee now the latter has ascended to the alpha male throne following Cocky’s disappearance in July 2018. She does look different from all the other kids of Bossy ! She certainly has inherited her mum’s big-boned genes more than any of her siblings have and she is the biggest baby of the lots born in 2019 – she is as big as a yearling when she’s only 6 months old. Strong, boisterous and domineering she is the epitome of an alpha.

but she’s definitely more bubbly than her mum could handle at times 😝

She is bullying everyone !

2018 babies ( Bossy )


DOB: 27/04/18
Mother: Dolly
Father: probably not Grandee
Characteristics: Big protruding ears like his brother Baty. He’s like a bit of Spocky and Baty mixed together hence his name Bocky 🙂

Poor Spocky he’s no longer the baby of the family 🙁

It must be quite a shock to him….

” Why’s mum ignoring me ? ” Spocky sulks…


DOB: 18/05/18
Mother: Aggy
Father: Grandee
Characteristics: Poppy looks really different from her sister Lilly. Everything about her is big – big eyes, ears and size. Considering how small and svelte her mum Aggy is it’s really a miracle that she was actually delivered and well without much signs suggesting of difficulty like sub-conjunctival ecchymosis and facial bruising !

She really is a big girl at birth !

She’s kind of look more like Vivy 🙂

She has inherited her dad Grandee’s prominent philtrum and definitely his strength too. I could see her already quite a handful for mum to restrain already even at only a few days old 🙂

She certainly isn’t happy just being held all the time !

Even mum Aggy has to struggle to control her 🙂


DOB: 20/05/18
Mother: Bossy
Father: Cocky
Characteristics: Another Bossy Jr. look-alike just like Bessy born last year – in other word, another cute baby again ! Except this one has bucked the trend and is a boy instead. Bossy must be a bit disappointed for boys don’t swell her rank. But as her clan dominates the troop ( she has at least 4 or 5 grown daughters and quite a few grandchildren under her belt too ) she shouldn’t mind 🙂

Is Bossy less loving towards boys ?

It must come as a shock to baby Bucky….

But everything happens with a reason… Bossy still cares about Bucky 🙂

Bucky I dare say is the cutest baby of the three that I’ve documented from her. He really does have that classic monkey look to him !

My first impression of Bucky – what a handsome boy he is !


DOB: 28/05/18
Mother: Ridgy
Father: Grandee
Characteristics: Fify just reminds me of Dopey the moment I laid eyes on her ! With her big dark round eyes and small face she has that angelic look to her just like Dopey ! Unlike Dopey she doesn’t fret over milk in fact she doesn’t seem to mind going without it so much so she is perfectly comfortable without mum so it appears so far ! Cute and doesn’t bother she’s what most mothers hope for !

She’s not as clumsy as Dopey though…..

But she’s no less as mischievous and adorable 🙂

Lacy♀ ✝😢

DOB: 28/05/18
DOD: around the first week of Jan, 2019. She has never been spotted since…..
Mother: Lancy
Father: unknown
Characteristics: All Lacy’s kids have light auburn hair and Lacy is no exception ! She actually does look like Reddy’s daughter so I suspect the two might have the same father ! It’s difficult to know more about Lacy as is per tradition the Lacy household shuns the Arroz-run media 🙁 She wants something classy like Vogue 🙁

Lancy never leaves her out alone…..

And I’d be lucky to spot her with mum at all 🙁


DOB: 04/06/18
Mother: Reddy
Father: Not sure
Characteristics: Auburn coat, almond-shaped eyes, baby Dimpy looks nothing like his brother Dopey born 2 years ago and it probably is a safe bet to say they have different fathers too ! My bet is on Grandee as I’ve seen him coddling and grooming Reddy last December – whether this is a standard post-coital behaviour or not I really don’t know 🙂 It’s all a less-than-educated guess 🙂

But they are brother and sister nonetheless 🙂

As a girl Dimpy seems to receive more protection than Dopey did. In fact Reddy is so protective of her little girl she always hides with her up in the trees or down in the undergrowth even it’s their turn to take the road to forage and to be fed. I don’t ever recall her being so secretive with Dopey ! It just seems they do prefer girls to boys…..

Boys will leave mum eventually, but not girls….

But when she does feel safe to emerge with her baby girl it’s just so lovely to see how she interacts with baby Dimpy – things might be less chaotic and funny with Dimpy as she certainly isn’t as clumsy but hey I don’t think there will be another clumsy baby like Dopey ever again !

But Dimpy is lovely to watch just as well !


DOB: 06/06/18
Mother: Lucy
Father: unknown
Characteristics: Brother of Charly Coffy has a coat not as dark as his brother’s but with a tinge of coffee-ground brown hence his name 🙂 More extrovert than Charly Coffy wants to explore from the get go ! He’s pretty advanced for a a baby, though not in the same league as Spunky, let alone super babies like Spocky and Bocky !

His brother Charly would never try to leave his comfort zone….

but not Coffy – look at his determined lil face 🙂

He is going to be a handful for mum as he can’t wait to exercise his little arms and legs in earnest !

Oh yes he’s a bit clumsy though 🙂


DOB: 06/06/18
Mother: Sally
Father: unknown
Characteristics: Another baby with a darker coat he has Mickey’s look but not as cuddly as he’s quite lanky, with long arms and legs seemingly out of proportion with his body. The first thing that strikes you is that he seems very well endowed !

He’s got long arms and legs !

He hasn’t got a third leg 🙂


DOB: 06/06/18
Mother: Gaby
Father: unknown
Characteristics: Gingy is likely to be mum Gaby’s first born. Unlike most other babies born this year Gingy’s coat is more yellowish than auburn. He is one of the cutest babies born this year and he stands out with his puffy eyes 🙂 Confusion has arisen as he was once named as Puffy and his mum Peggy but I have finally settled with the names Gingy & Gaby as I think these two suit them better.

Isn’t he cute ?

With mum Gaby….

Mum Gaby is probably one of the older daughters of Haggy which makes Gingy a grandson of Haggy 🙂

Notice Gaby’s prominent forehead with her high hairline….

Haggy with Nony…. and certainly you’d see the resemblance here !


DOB: 10/06/18
Mother: Gypsy
Father: Taggy
Characteristics: All Gyspy’s babies look just like her and Kneely is no exception ! In fact I think she’s like a miniature clone of Gypsy, even beating her brother Knitty in likeliness ! Finally getting a girl, Gypsy seems very pleased with it and so far she seems to dote on her new little girl more than she ever had done with Knitty and Knotty. She is holding onto Kneely so much that neither the two aunts Aunty and Shary has had a chance so far to help out. Perhaps Gypsy will take Kneely with her even on long foraging trips !

See the resemblance of them to Gypsy 🙂

Kneely may not be pretty but somehow I still find her cute !

and she gets on well with brother Knitty too 🙂

and she definitely is loved by mum 🙂

and I am pretty sure that Taggy is her dad !


DOB: 16/06/18
Mother: Tabby
Father: unknown
Characteristics: Tizzy is a real ginger ( oh yes, another one again ! ) and she looks very different from her brother Toby so I suspect they have different fathers too. What makes Tizzy stands out is that she loves to squeak and tweet to get her mother’s attention. I’ve never seen any baby who does it like her yet !

Tizzy is clumsy so perhaps that’s why she always calls out her mum for help !

And everyone just wants to touch and love her !

She’s a very sweet little baby and she’s a magnet for all the spinsters and unfortunate females who have been sterilized by the authority. Everyone just wants a slice of her !

Yes, we all love you Tizzy !


DOB: 20/06/18
Mother: Stacy
Father: Unknown
Characteristics: Another ginger again ! Brother of yearling Spotty he’s another rather elusive baby to film as mum evades human contact and I really haven’t been able to catch a proper video of him yet. Hopefully mum would chill out a bit more and cut baby Scotty some slack as time goes 🙂

Mum Stacy is very protective of baby Scotty !

” Don’t worry, Mr ! Your chance will come 🙂 “


DOB: 05/09/18
Mother: Haggy
Father: unknown
Characteristics: Another ginger sometimes I find it hard to tell her from the many gingers we have this season 🙂 Fortunately she has a very light coat which stands out and that should help !
She has a face if you closely inspect very much like that of Kneely so I suspect they are half-sisters to each other.

Kneely and Nataly – Kneely is almost 3 months older !

Haggy is very experienced and she loves her kids too !

Like her brother Nony and sister Nibby before her she should do well with such a loving mother like Haggy.

She’s truly the last baby born this season and so for this season of 2018 we have a total of 13 new babies 🙂 Welcome to you all sweeties !